Boho Dream Catchers

What to Bring

  • Meaningful crystals, feathers, beads, embellishments or charms
  • Your creative spirit
  • Nimble fingers

What to Wear

  • Casual

Boho Dream Catchers

About This Class

What You Get

  • Hand made natural hoops for the base
  • Twine, string, fabric and yarn for the fringing
  • A selection of feathers, beads, and other natural found objects


Dream Catchers are believed to be sacred objects that transform darkness into light. They are a symbol of protection and purity, holding the intention of positive thoughts and energy that is instilled within by its creator.

In this workshop you will be shown a variety of construction techniques and weaving styles, then guided through the process of creating your very own unique Dream Catcher.

All the materials needed to produce your powerful talisman will be provided, but you are invited to bring any crystals, feathers, beads and other embellishments or charms that are meaningful to you.

Come and experience the therapeutic and calming effects of weaving and playing with mother nature and take home a beautiful, bohemian style Dream Catcher to adorn your wall and ensure your sleep is filled with the purest of dreams.


Abi is a stylist, maker and designer that works in fashion textiles and craft. After spending the last 7 years in London she has recently returned to Brisbane and is exploring the therapeutic benefits of creating with foraged plant materials and found objects.

She is passionate about providing memorable experiences through creating beautiful and engaging environments to learn and play.

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