Get the Midas Touch – and become a professional gilder

The extensive 9-day class covers all aspects of gilding from basic techniques to advanced knowledge.

With no previous knowledge required, you’ll learn everything you need to know about gilding from our pre-eminent expert, Master Craftsman, Karl Eggert.


Learn traditional & modern gilding techniques

  • Timber, plaster, paper-mache, glass, shell, wrought
  • Special surface preparation
    • Different substrates need different surface preparations so the end result looks good and the project will last.
  • Application of gold and silver leaf, Dutch metal, aluminium, & copper leaf.
    • You will learn to use all types of leaves. Genuine gold and silver, Dutch metal, aluminium and copper leaf which is heat-treated and has a wonderful sunburst of colours.
  • Patination.
    • Ageing with glazes and acids
  • Water gilding (gold burnishing)
    • Traditional 17th century technique of gilding.
  • Leaf & flake application in unique combinations.
    • Application of various leaves onto flat boards. This technique can be used to gild walls and ceilings.
  • Food Gilding
    • You will learn how to apply gold leaf to food and wine.

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Class Schedule

Classes run 9 consecutive days from Saturday till next Sunday Time: 10am - 4pm each day

What you will learn
  • Special surface preparation
  • Application of gold and silver leaf, Dutch metal, aluminium, & copper leaf.
  • Timber, plaster, paper-mache, glass, shell, wrought iron
What you will get
  • Meet Master Craftsman, Karl Eggert.
  • Master Class students will receive lifetime membership to the Goldfinger Club
  • Free ongoing advice for any future projects – phone and email support.
  • Generous discounts of 20% on all materials and supplies*.
  • Opportunity to work with the Art Gilding team on architectural projects.

What to bring
  • Your interest to learn!
What to wear


Appropriate for

With no previous knowledge required


The Art Gilding Academy

Vendor since 2016

Whether you are a beginner or would like to learn more complex gold leafing skills, the Art Gilding Academy has a course to suit you.Learn the skills and techniques to apply gold leaf to your own projects!

Have you ever dreamed of having the skills to apply gold leaf to frames, ornaments, furniture or artwork? Would you like to gild a cornice, ceiling or an entire wall yourself?

You may want to:

- Learn how to gild as a fun hobby

- Add another skill and more income to your business, or

- Start a lucrative new business as a gilder

Whatever your ambitions are, the Art Gilding Academy can give you the skills to do it. Art Gilding can also provide the materials you’ll need for your own projects at competitive prices.

No less then a Master Craftsman to teach you!

All courses are taught by our expert Master Craftsman, Karl Eggert who is renowned for his passion in passing on the skills of this fine craft.

No previous skills or experience is necessary. You will be shown the step-by-step methods and techniques used in this amazing craft.

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