The Best Classes of 2017: Sydney

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Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019
The Best Classes of 2017: Sydney

If you’ve resolved to improve yourself in the next year, but have yet to decide how you’ll go about doing it, enrolling in a class or two is something that we recommend. With more and more workshops and short courses being offered on virtually every topic, every year, there are no more excuses that can be made about time, cost or finding a good teacher when wanting to learn something new.

You might be wondering which classes are worth spending your time and money on, which is why we bring you the top Sydney classes that eager learners booked for the most in the last year. All the listings are reviewed, which is another good way for you to decide which class might be your next new adventure!

Sourdough Masterclass

Learn to bake your own sourdough bread from Bourke Street bakery’s head baker in this 2-hour class. You will be taken you through the whole process of turning handfuls of flour into your own warm, crusty loaves and then learn all the skills and techniques needed to replicate the baking process at home for the enjoyment of friends and family. Taste testing is included at the end of class, of course.

Skill Level: All levels, minimum age of 12 years
Next date available: March 24th
Cost: $135 (Bring-a-Friend), $150 (Regular)
Bookings and more info: Bourke Street Bakery

Hand Tempering and Chocolate Making

Learn the art of hand tempering on marble, a traditional French technique which you will use to make a chocolate bar, moulded chocolate, chocolate lollypops with artwork & freckles! The class is less theory based and more hands-on which basically means you get to take home more chocolates. Everyone will leave with a certificate as well as a sample bag of items made on the day.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 27th
Cost: $80
Bookings and more info: Sydney Chocolate School

The Home Baker Workshop

This introductory class teaches the traditions and techniques of artisan baking where an appreciation of the finest ingredients and honouring the process of traditional bread making is completed. You will learn the basics of hand mixing, hand moulding, shaping and baking beautiful breads as well as gaining the skills to replicate the process at home. All will be provided, from ingredients to equipment and refreshments; and also get to bring home your own freshly baked Schiacciata con L’uva, Baguettes and Dinner Rolls.
Skill Level: Passionate bakers of all levels, aged 18+
Next date available: January 20th
Cost: $153 (Early Bird), $150 (Bring-a-Friend), $170 (Regular)
Bookings and more info: Brasserie Bread

Gelato Appreciation Class

This fast-selling class is back! Part gelato making workshop, part info session, part science lesson, and part gelato degustation with the Messina chefs, this is one of the best-loved offerings on WeTeachMe. After some welcome coffee and conversations, you will learn all about Messina’s backstory and then get a demonstration of how they make their world-famous gelato and gelato cakes. You then, of course, get to try everything they make! Try as many flavours (40 in total!) in their cabinet as you can handle – or as time permits. And if all that isn’t enough, you also go home with a tub of gelato!
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: May 26th
Cost: $160
Bookings and more info: Gelato Messina

Introduction to Blacksmithing

Learn the foundation skills of the world’s oldest trade in only a matter of two (2). You will master key hand-forging techniques and apply these to forge your own household fixtures. The machinery and tools used are refurbished heritage pieces of equipment dating from as far back as the 1880s!
Skill Level: All levels, aged 15+
Next date available: February 10th
Cost: $490
Bookings and more info: Eveleigh Works

Jewellery School for Beginners

This 4-day jewellery class introduces students to the fundamentals of jewellery making & jewellery design, and includes learning all the techniques they need to design and create a sterling silver ring, as well as other projects like crafting earrings or a pendant.
Skill Level: All levels, especially beginners
Next date available: January 10th
Cost: $480 (4 days)
Bookings and more info: SquarePeg Studios

Make a Ring in a Day Workshop

This one day jewellery making course will show you that’s actually possible to make a sterling silver ring in one day from scratch – even without experience. Students will learn all the fundamental techniques in ring making and will incorporate these new skills into a sterling silver band. All tools and materials, including copper and a silver strip, are provided.
Skill Level: All levels, especially beginners
Next date available: February 10th
Cost: $190
Bookings and more info: SquarePeg Studios

Tea Brewing Workshop

With the rise of specialty tea, more and more people have started to pay attention to it. Join this class led by an award-winning tea enthusiast where you will be guided on how to make your own tea blend. Knowledge will also be shared on the history of Teaism and its many origins.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 20th
Cost: $35
Bookings and more info: Roastville Coffee

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