Team Building Ideas Everyone Will Love

Your Dream Team deserve a creative treat

Creativity 3 min read Mar 22, 2021
Team Building Ideas Everyone Will Love

Oh no, not another company picnic! Whether you’re throwing an epic EOFY bash or gearing up for a particularly long sprint, every win - big or small - is worth celebrating.

But if you want to make your team more productive, taking a creative break from business as usual requires, well, just a bit more creativity. We’ve handpicked some unique ways to promote innovation, build relationships, or just thank the team for a job well done.

1. Painting Classes

Jump on the bandwagon and book an art class for your entire staff! Might we suggest the always popular (and perennial bestseller) masterclass in resin art?

Or like Vincent Van Gogh, get to pour out your hearts and souls on canvas, and try your hand at his famous Wheatfield with Cypresses. If graffiti is more to your group’s taste; how about a unique take on Banksy’s Girl With A Balloon?

2. Craft Classes

Whoever said team-building activities need to cost an arm and a leg? Instead of just one big blowout once a year, keep the team spirit alive by scheduling breakout mini-getaways when they least expect it!

Surprise the staff with a quick weekday morning trip to a pottery studio, a three-hour rainforest terrarium making session, or a soy candle making workshop in Albert Park - each will only cost under $100/person! Watch everyone return to work refreshed and ready to smash walls again - all without breaking the bank.

3. Drink Classes

Here’s an idea: Declare happy hour an official office activity and become everyone’s instant favourite boss! There’s something in store for every type of beverage lover - from the espresso connoisseur and the beer snob to the aspiring oenophile and the craft gin aficionado. This is literally team spirit at its best.

4. Cooking and Baking Classes

Put on your aprons and get ready to have a party in your palate! Managing a multicultural team? (This is Melbourne, after all!) A street food cookout that showcases all the good stuff, from arepas to pierogi, should do the trick. For an intimate night out, a Sicilian sit-down feast promises an unforgettable experience.

If your team’s got a collective sweet tooth, craft chocolate delights worthy of Willy Wonka and indulge. If it’s cool desserts you want, nothing beats the best gelato degustation in town. The team that cook together win together! This guy knows.

5. Tours

Hidden all across the city are some pretty amazing hotspots for gourmets and gourmands alike. Shop together in the South Melbourne Market for the freshest ingredients and then converge in the kitchen to make paella and sangria to share after a full morning. Or maybe you’d care to rediscover Footscray through a taste of Sub-Saharan African cuisine - an adventure of a lifetime!

Up for a four-hour trek to try everything from Argentinean pastry to homemade samosas? We’ve got just the thing for you. But if dimsum and dumplings are more your thing, check out a guided tour of Richmond and the best places to buy Asian ingredients.

Found a bonding activity that’s perfect for your crack team? Take the next step today.

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