Gelato Appreciation Class (Melbourne)

Next Available: Sat, 21 Jul 9:30AM
2.5 hours


Our sell out Gelato Appreciation Classes are coming back to Melbourne! Once a month (or there abouts), we’ll be opening the doors to our Fitzroy store so you can join us for part gelato making class, part info session, part science lesson, and part gelato degustation with our chefs. Just as good as our Sydney ones, just without the need for a flight on Tiger Airways.

** all bookings in September get a free MESSINA TOTE too **


  • We’ll meet at the Messina store in Fitzroy, have a coffee and maybe discuss what we got up to last night
  • We’ll tell you the Messina story, a little history about us, how we got into the gelato business and what makes us a little different to other gelato pushers
  • Our chefs will show you HOW WE MAKE OUR GELATO while letting you in on some Messina secrets about how we make our gelato taste so good. And of course…you get to try everything they make.
  • During the class you will be served a GELATO DEGUSTATION – a menu created especially for each class. We like to get creative, so these are pretty special – you won’t get to try them anywhere else!
  • Next, one of our dashing pastry chefs will show you how we make a GELATO CAKE, and yes – you guessed it, you get to eat it.
  • When class is over, the gluttony really begins when you will get free reign of the cabinet for a tasting session. You can try as many flavours in the cabinet as you can handle – time permitting, see if you can get through all 40 flavours.
  • At the end, we roll you out with a tub of gelato to take home so you can go home and really do a number on yourself! All before 12pm hits…


**Allergies - we're afraid we can't cater for specific allergies at our classes - feel free to let us know in your booking, and we'll do our best to accomodate, but it can't be guaranteed** 

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What you will learn
  • Try as many flavours in the cabinet as you can handle – time permitting, see if you can get through all 40 flavours.
  • How we make our gelato + Messina secrets about how we make it taste so good!
  • How we make a gelato cake and yes – you guessed it, you get to eat it!
What you will get
  • Free tasting session of all 40 flavours
  • Tub of Gelato to take home
  • 5 course gelato degustation - a menu created especially for each class
  • All bookings in September get a free MESSINA TOTE

What to bring
  • Just your appetite for gelato!
What to wear

Casual (loose pants might be a good idea)

Appropriate for

Gelato lovers and the gelato-curious


Gelato Messina

Vendor since 2015

We make gelato, it's pretty good.

At Gelato Messina our job is to make people happy. Yes we make amazing gelato with the very best, real ingredients. And yes our gelato cakes are weird and wonderful, but it’s all in the name of putting a smile on someone’s face.

We’re passionate (verging on obsessive) about the creative process. Whether it’s coming up with new flavours or a music playlist for the stores, we throw ourselves into it because that’s what we love.

How would they have made it 100 years ago?

When we make gelato at Messina, we ask ourselves one simple question: “How would they have made it 100 years ago?” The answer is simple – use ingredients in their raw and most natural form and make everything from scratch. ‘Ready made’ ingredients including colourings, flavourings, preservatives and pastes have no place at Messina.

From the meticulous roasting and endless grind of pistachios, to the baking of our own apple pies and brownies, or to the sweet smell of stewed spiced rhubarb, absolutely everything is made lovingly in-house by our little team of mad professors. By using real ingredients, we achieve full bodied texture and flavour in our gelato. Our dairy flavours have low fat content because we use less cream, and our sorbets are completely fat free, dairy free and full of fruit.

Want to find out what goes on behind the scenes at Messina?

Book one of our Gelato Appreciation Classes or brand new Hands On Classes below and join us at Messina HQ in Sydney for a class at COOL SCHOOL. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend your Saturday morning…

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

For any cancelations made within 3 weeks of the bookings, no refunds will be possible. Cancellations made outside this period will be fully refunded.

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Terms & Conditions

Any cancelations made within 3 weeks of the bookings, no refunds will be possible.

Cancellations made outside this period will be fully refunded.

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04 March 2018 • Gelato Appreciation Class (Melbourne)

A really intimate and personal look into the Messina empire. You’ll never be happy with store bought ice cream again after hearing about the finesse and care that Messina uses to make their gelato. The menu was generous and unique. Highly recommend for Messina lovers!


01 March 2018 • Gelato Appreciation Class (Melbourne)

For as long as I can remember, my dream job has been to run an ice cream store. While my friends have enjoyed the sorbets I make with our decades-old ice cream churn, I've never been able to make a real gelato before. Armed with the knowledge from this course, the comprehensive recipe book (free with the course) and the memory of some of these desserts fresh in my memory, I can't wait to give it a go! The presenters were extremely friendly and knowledgable (although a little bit distracted by the preparations in the kitchen) and the food was undoubtably impressive and largely delicious (though not all to my taste: I wouldn't normally opt for the carpaccio-themed course!) For the food, time, take-home goodies and wisdom you get, the course is good value for money and a great idea for families, as well. I would have loved more details and tips on making gelato at home, but totally understand that this is a Gelato Appreciation Course, not a Homemade Gelato Course. Thank you to Simone, Michaelangelo and everyone else who helped out!


26 February 2018 • Gelato Appreciation Class (Melbourne)

Well done Gelato Messina. I thought the workshop was great value for money, and thoroughly enjoyable. Eating gelato on a Saturday morning is some of the most fun I've had. The staff were very informative and approachable. From the coffee at the start, to the take home gelato tub and recipe book, it is a well thought out, and generous session. The different takes on gelato were very different, but just as enjoyable was the ability to taste any one of Messina's more traditional flavours, as well as their iconic Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom Cake.

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