Home Barista
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Home Barista

Learn how to make great coffee for home.

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2 hours
Group Size: 2 - 4
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Make better coffee at home

In this barista course we delve into the nitty gritty of producing great coffee at home. A perfect pick for any coffee lover who wants to learn techniques to enjoy a delicious cuppa from the comforts of home. You'll learn the foundations and develop your skills of brewing coffee with our Bezzera Strega Machine. 

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to understand & safely use domestic coffee machines & grinders.

  • Learn about adjusting a coffee grinder for perfect extraction.

  • Learn to dose, distribute & tamp coffee correctly.

  • Prepare & serve espresso (espresso, long black)

  • Learn about milk pouring techniques and texture silky milk - microfoam

  • Prepare & serve milk based espresso beverages (cappuccino, flat white, latte)

  • Clean & care for your coffee equipment


When booking a course, you have the opportunity to purchase Scott Rao’s ‘The Professional Barista Handbook' for a highly discounted rate of $50.00 while it’s regular price is $70. Rao is a coffee professional with a scientific background who practices Stockfleth technique, a modern technique which is similar to our techniques for even coffee distribution. This book is a great tool for any enthused barista.



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What you will learn

  • Learn to dose, distribute & tamp coffee correctly.
  • Prepare & serve milk based espresso beverages
  • Clean & care for your coffee equipment

What you will get

  • Certificate of Completion.
  • 400g Bag of Clandestino Roasters Beans of your choice from our current selection
  • Learn how to make a delicious cuppa

What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone who wants to improve their coffee skills for home

Clandestino Coffee

(107 Reviews)

We love coffee, we also love people who love coffee.

We are a coffee bean supplier and Noosa’s first specialty roaster. Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to producing the finest quality coffee and we’re certainly not going to slow down.

Living by the motto “flavour is paramount”, we are constantly searching and scouting coffee beans from farms all over the world. With every cup of coffee brewed; we want each moment to be a good one. Come join us on a flavour journey and further develop your taste buds so that you enjoy each cup of coffee a bit more.

The coffee courses take place in our learning facility that we lovingly call The Cube. 

It's located right next to our Roastery and our HQ, so you’ll see where the action happens (and might even get lucky and get a quick tour of the facilities). With coffee it takes practise and time. Working hard to memorise facts is great but being able to translate why that matters, why that’s good, why that makes this taste unique or special – that’s what matters.

We designed our coffee courses the same way as we train our wholesale clients - where consistency is key and attention to detail makes all the difference.

We invite you behind the scenes to learn our craft. 

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5.0 (15 reviews)
Benrated it
12 Sep 2023
A great course with a lot of great info!! I new respect for those baristas that can’t consistently make good coffee. Kai was very knowledgeable and really loves the process of coffee which made the course a level above what my expectations were. Thanks Kai, really enjoyed it and have started on my coffee making journey!
Juliarated it
09 Sep 2023
This course is brilliant. If you want to get a better understanding about coffee and perfect your cuppa, this is the course for you. Kai was great, insane knowledge, great communication and attention to detail. I recommend this 100%
Nickirated it
01 Oct 2020
Thanks for the great Home Barista course! I thought my coffee skills weren't too bad but I picked up so many tips and techniques through this course that I am now confident to serve great coffee every time. Really enjoyed the whole course!
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If you can't attend the class:

You’re welcome to send someone in your place.


  • A refund can be requested 2 days before class starts. Free of charge.
  • A transfer can be requested 2 days before the class starts. Free of charge.

No changes will be allowed after these times.

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Terms & Conditions

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