Foodie Trails

(3) Melbourne, VIC


For centuries people have travelled around the world in search for food. Foodie Trails has been travelling around the world to share this food. Following the spice trade across the Indian Ocean and Africa to Europe or across Asia to Turkey, cuisine and spices are more interrelated that you could ever imagine.

Ours is the love for food and culture.

Melbourne being the cultural capital of Australia, the diversity of its people is reflected through the numerous eateries. You'll find everything from Indian to Italian, Greek to Mexican, Turkish to Asian and everything in between.

We invite you to join us on a journey to open your mind and taste buds.

From an afternoon exploring a cuisine in Melbourne on a foodie trail or trying your hand at one of our cooking classes. If you want something more join us on an international trip to some of the most exotic food capitals of the world.

Go on… Try something different.

Taste the blend of flavours. Experience the culture. Explore the regions on a Foodie Trail.



Jun 2017

Tasting Vietnamese food.

Mar 2017
Thai Cooking - 11 Mar 2017 12:30 PM

Our class of seven made about five dishes, all of which were delicious. We used fresh ingredients and I learned heaps, especially about the spicing and condiments, and cooking techniques. Lee was our instructor, and she has a wonderful Thai cooking background as well as serious chef credentials in the Thai restaurant field. Good facilities for cooking classes. My next stop will be an Asian supermarket to stock up on multiples of very small bottles of good fish sauce, and some other essentials.

Apr 2016

I rescheduled my class to August so unable to review...