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Leerated it
11 Feb 2024
Was a fun filled adventure. From the start it was a happy environment, and everyone chatted along well. We cooked some beautiful fresh Mexican. The whole experience was fabulous. Great Xmas gift for my partner.
Daniel rated it
13 Aug 2023
So much fun, great company and just an all around good time! And great food!
Ameliarated it
19 Jun 2023
I had taken the day off work to attend the class and was very excited. I'd received an email confirmation the night before only to receive a casual message the morning of the class saying the class was being scheduled. I asked when it was being scheduled to only to be brushed off. I asked if she was cancelling the class as there was no reschedule date and I could then get a credit but she said she wouldn't. I then pushed to know when I could expect a rescheduled date/time. I was told that day but never received it. Her reasoning was that she had major surgery. I'd only bought the tickets a couple of days earlier so assumed it must have been an emergency surgery or she wouldn't still be selling tickets to a class she couldn't run. Or would she? Seeing as she hasn't removed the classes for sale this coming weekend. I'm starting to see a pattern. And no, I've not received any confirmation that I will ever get to do a class in the near future nor will I be getting a refund. So I may as well have flushed my $100 down the toilet.
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About Hola con Lola

Hola con Lola
Member since 2016
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Hola! My name is Lola Migliore, i have been living in Melbourne, Australia since 2012.

I am a musician in my free time, I enjoy painting and love to laugh and create positive energy all around.

From my childhood, my dream was to speak as many languages and travel the world as much as I could.

I have lived in Brasil, Chile, Barcelona, Paris, London, Melbourne and I have learned multiple languages such as Italian, French, Catalan, English and I am of course fluent in my home language – Spanish!

I hold qualifications to teach and coach Spanish and English as a foreign or second language and I have been sharing my passion for teaching with children and adults for the past 5 years.

I am the head teacher for the “Centro Argentina in Victoria”, which is a programme sponsored by the Argentinian government, I also run Spanish classes at laneway learning in Melbourne.

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