La Cucina di Sandra is about experiencing and sharing with people the Art of Cooking, the Art of Eating and the Art of Living Life the Italian way in Melbourne.

The Italians say “Il Mangiar bene e’ un’arte”... to eat well is an art. In pursuing this quest Italians become obsessed by food.

My objective with “La Cucina di Sandra” is to teach the Art of eating well, the Italian way.

The classes promise to deliver a true appreciation of how to buy ingredients, cook and enjoy Italian food in an atmosphere that will make the experience like a short holiday to Italy. If you cannot make it to Italy, come and be entertained in my European style home in Richmond for four weekly consecutive sessions or just one class. The sessions will offer Italian music, visuals, cooking classes, conversation and very special dinners that will truly make you understand what the Italians mean by saying “Il mangiar bene e’ un’arte”

And if you are travelling to Italy, we can style a special class for you and your friends and provide travel tips, language classes and a very special menu that will make you feel as though your holiday has already started.

My aim is to provide students with an insight into the delights of Italian cooking with common sense tips on how to shop for and cook dishes, for people who love to eat well and are interested in learning this art. The emphasis will be on original dishes I have collected over a period of 20 years in Italy and Australia which I have successfully transformed into “La Cucina di Sandra”. The classes are designed for people who love cooking and the art of eating well with a modern approach and are designed for the busy lives we all lead. My love for Australia and the exceptional quality of our produce has allowed me to create dishes that are a unique interpretation of my heritage. I will share many of these with my guests.

Relaxed and informal each class will be unique. A maximum of eight people will enjoy an intimate four hours discovering how to prepare my cooking and savouring lunch or dinner around the dining table.

I hope the classes will provide you with such an appreciation of “Mangiar bene” that you will only want to return for more “travels to Italy”!

Remember not everyone will be able to master the “Art of cooking” but everyone can master the “Art of eating” these are the two arts I aim to provide an insight in with “La Cucina di Sandra”.




We learnt lots of interesting facts about different types of pastas and other produce and good shops to source quality ingredients. We really enjoyed the class and the delicious recipes will sure to be put on the family menu!

I thoroughly enjoyed the class,It was very informative,and the food was great. I have never cooked Sicilian food before but now I will certainly be doing so. The recipes are well written and explained in an easily understood manner how to execute them.

The whole food experience was great - I have learned so much about preparing and serving some beautiful meals (just probably not confident to try de-boning a quail by myself, even though Sandra made it look easy!). Definitely the first thing I will try will be the broad beans ... they were absolutely delicious! This food experience was totally enhanced by the setting, the expert knowledge of the chef, who was so willing to share her depth of knowledge, but also the other class participants who were friendly and interesting. Thanks

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