Paint from Your Heart

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Creative

"Often the fear of the Blank Canvas stops us in our tracks & keeps us from starting. This Workshop is for both novice & experienced painters & teaches a spontaneous, bold and fearless approach. Learn techniques for working with vibrant colour and avoiding mud & your own unique painting style. Be Brave & don't look back"

No Mistakes

There are NO Mistakes. There are only wide open spaces beckoning your Artistic Muse to come out an play and find its own Unique Voice. Let go of fear and & preconceived ideas of what your paintings are meant to look like. They will unfold naturally if you let go

Have Fun & Surrender

When we surrender and let go of control and are "open" wonderful things start to happen. Connect more deeply with your intuition and you will find your own authentic style

"Listen to your own Artistic Voice and your Creative Spirit Will SOAR"

Lorna Ballantyne Epps

In this Level 1 introduction to Intuitive Mixed Media Painting

STUDENTS WILL work in a totally and exhilerating new painting style. Lorna will teach you new painting techniques in a BOLD, Spontanious and Intuitive approach. Join us for this FUN & Creative Workshop Series.

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Class Schedule

This workshop will run on Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd Dec Nov 2017  

What you will learn
  • Create Vibrant Transparant Layers
  • Create an Intuitive Painting from Your Heart Space
  • The difference between Heavy Body & Fluid Acrylic Paints
What you will get
  • Spray Bottles, Rags, Painting Station, Some Brushes
  • Mark Making Tools - but please also bring your own
  • PDF Supplies List
  • ONE Large 90x90 Canvases Supplied - additional Canvas available on check out
  • How to Set up an artistic creative space & envireonment

What to bring
  • Mark Making Tools - Stencils/Stamps/bottle caps etc
  • Heavy Body Acrylic Paints - Thicker Paint
  • Fluid Acrylic Paints - Vallejo from Pigment Lab Newtown
  • Apron
  • PDF Supplies List will be sent on booking
What to wear

Casual - and an Apron

Appropriate for

All ages


Levee Art Studios

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Creative Workshops

Join us for a day filled with Fun & Creativity in a relaxed envireonment

Resin Art Introduction

Resin Art Advanced Layering Techniques

Resin & Silver Jewellery Making

Acrylic Pouring


Alcohol Inks

Creative Workshops are popular with beginners and more experienced artists.

Lorna has an easy teaching style and embraces new techniques and mediums with enthusiasm which is contagious.

There are No Mistakes - Only Endless Possibilities in these amazing Fun Workshops where Vibrant and Juicy Colours are used.

Most of our Workshops are about 3-4 hours in duration and you can hang what you create at home the very next day

We cater for Individuals & Groups

Jump on and book a Workshop today - You will not to be disappointed

Be careful though! – Our Workshops are Addictive and we often see our students again and again

“Overcome the notion that you must be regular.

    It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary”

                                                                             - Uta hagen

The Levee Art Gallery & Studios is an Australian Registered Businesses

Run by Creative Director & Art Trainer – Lorna Ballantyne Epps

Workshops are available all across Australia and also in the USA 

Find out more about us at or

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

Please note: All classes apart from the Advanced Resin Layering Workshop - require a minimum of 6 participants to go ahead. In the event of a workshop being cancelled, your booking will be fully refunded or transferred to another workshop or date. This workshop incurs a booking fee of $5.60 included in the price. Should you cancel this workshop of your own accord, this booking fee will be deducted from the amount refunded to you. For cancellations within 3 days notice of the scheduled class, 50% of the class fee will be refunded. There will be no refunds if you do not turn up on the day or call to say you cannot make it on the day

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