The idea of this gathering is that you can choose to sew whatever you want and I will be there to help interpret patterns, explain sewing terms and provide any other guidance you might need. I'll also make you a cuppa and give you a bickie. You are able to shop from House of Cloth's gorgeous range of fabric and yarn. Beginners Sewcial Evening is kept to a smaller group so that each student receives more attention.

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What you will learn
  • To sew items of your own choice.
What you will get
  • Items of your very own, made by you
  • The company of like-minded souls.
  • A cuppa (tea, coffee, chocolate, milo) and a bikkie.

What to bring
  • All requirements necessary for your project.
  • The shop is open for purchases.
  • I can provide machines if needed. (Please let me know)
What to wear

Comfy clothing.

Appropriate for

Adult sewers


Meraki Cottage

Vendor since 2017

Meraki Cottage provides classes for children and adults in many areas of handcraft, in particular, sewing. The name Meraki was chosen because it is a Greek word meaning to do something with love, passion or soul. 

Meraki Cottage is owned and run by me, Kathryn. I am a registered teacher who loves learning and craft, so putting these two together and delivering them with passion, will mean that a little bit of my soul is in every class I teach.

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