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Megrated it
18 Jul 2023
I found Peter on the internet. My husband and I have just bought a small 1 acre property in NSW. After reading Peter's website I decided I really wanted to do his course. I have never grown anything. There is a very run down vegetable patch on this 1 acre property and I want to reinvigorate it and the citrus trees around it. I was very drawn to the philosophy and spiritual guidance that is integrated into the principals of Biodynamic Farming. The weekend was full of information that was methodically presented and beautifully interjected with talks and then hands on experience with theBiodynamic preparations. Peter instructs so thoughtfully and illustrates his years of experience through anecdotes and demonstration in his thriving vegetable, fruit, flower and herb garden. The garden is a testament to the success of Biodynamic Farming. Vicky, Peter's wife, is radiant with her warmth and hospitality. Her nourishing and delicious afternoon teas with a focus from the garden an absolute treat. What made the weekend even more enjoyable was that all the other students that participated were like minded conscious people, some were brimming with experience in gardens and were just as attracted to this wisdom as I was. I feel confident in having completed this weekend that I will be able to use these principals effectively, even as a novice, and will have Peter do a virtual assessment of our 1 acre property for good measure. Thank you Peter and Vicky.
Taniarated it
18 Jul 2023
Such a great workshop, I really enjoyed those two days and would do it again next weekend :)!!! Lots of useful information, ideas, theory, and "hands-on" too. I loved that it was very informal environment, easily flowing spontaneously to any topic that was raised on the way. Feels very good to meet other gardeners and like-minded people. Peter delivers his knowledge in a way that is easy to understand, with lots of stories and jokes too:). Thank you, Vicky and Peter, for your hospitality. Thank you, Vicky, for the delicious afternoon tea each day and lovely coffee and tea. With all the seeds and samples you shared with us, I have busy time now planning my calendar and things around my garden to try:) Warm wishes, Tania
Soniarated it
16 Jul 2023
We found lots of inspiration as well as practical and theoretical know how about Biodynamic gardening in this weekend workshop. We tasted the raw and freshly cooked bounty (lovingly made by Vicki) from the productive home garden. Peter generously imparted his hard won gardening philosophy and practice and sent us home with a sample bag of saved seeds, BD preps and instructions to get us all started. He has planted a seed in us all.
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About My Food Garden

My Food Garden
Member since 2013
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My Food Garden provides knowledge and services to support the transformation of our food system to being more local and organic. Our business empowers people living in and around cities to be more productive at growing their own food. 

We are located in Brisbane, Australia and deliver our services locally and nationally. Our services in urban farming and organic gardening combine a mixture of hands-on education, mentoring and garden building, in addition to working on larger scale urban agriculture projects. Supporting the emergence of financially sustainable urban farming is one of our core goals.

The business commenced in 2006 and our first web site release in 2008 was under the name of Cityfood Growers and we are now branded as My Food Garden. The company was founded by Peter Kearney, an experienced organic and biodynamic gardener, educator, urban farmer and strategist.

The business has a small team with passion and knowledge in organic food growing and an expanding set of relationships with the movers and shakers of urban agriculture around the world.

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