Eco Arts mini term - with visual artist Shelley Krycer


This 4 week intro mini term will guide each person through art making and exploration of creative process with environmental senstitivity. There will be lots of creative play, enquiry and innovation. We will use processes such as drawing, collage, small scale sculpture using recycled materials to explore creative thinking, making and connectedness to the natural world.

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What you will learn
  • How to engage in creative process with environmental sensitivity
  • A range of artistic processes and techniques
  • How to connect more deeply with nature as a source of inspiration
What you will get
  • Lots of guided creative processes
  • Inspiring learning environment
  • Assistance with technical aspects of creating art
  • Art ideas using eco materials
  • All your questions answered
  • Opportunity to develop creative thinking
  • Lots of fun!

What to bring
  • A sketchbook - recycled paper prefered
What to wear


Appropriate for

Any one interested to learn


Shelley Krycer

Vendor since 2015

Visual artist Shelley Krycer is deeply inspired by cycles. Cycles observed in nature and cycles seen within. Traces left of time passed and hints of what's to come. Her practice explores the delicate dynamics at play between self, other and environment. Watching this interconnectedness as a single ecosystem, Shelley considers a movement towards balance.

Shelley’s practice includes painting, drawing, installation, collaboration, design and object making including basket weaving and jewellery. Shelley holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) with first class honours from Monash University and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Melbourne University. She teaches workshops and her work has won awards, has been exhibited locally and interstate and is held in private collections.

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