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Sip & Collage in a dreamlike setting (MONTSALVAT)

Sip & Snip Workshop (18+)(Max 7 people)

3hr Contemporary Collage - BYO beverages

Next Available: Sat, 09 Dec 6:00PM (AEDT)
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3 hours
Over 50 people have attended this class


Have you/your friends/your team/your party crew ever wanted to learn the ins and outs of creating contemporary collage art pieces from someone who is SO happily addicted to it, they now want to show you why this is so much FUN and incredibly LIBERATING?

PS. This is the "SIP & COLLAGE/MORE ADULT'ISH" version... please see my other listing for the "TEEN/HIGH SCHOOL Collage Retreat" version!

~{*!*}~           Who/what this is GREAT for           ~{*!*}~

Super Curious, Creative Individuals


Date Night(s)

Thoughtful Gift(s)


Team Building

Mental Wellbeing

Friend Groups

Special, Small Gatherings

Family Bonding


My background:

Growing up, I have found solace in cutting up and creating my own pieces.

As an extrovert-introvert, I LOVE gathering fellow creatives, but also need loads of time to do my own thing. So, being alone together with nice tunes playing in the background while being in the creative flow, is my idea of heaven. It's like finding CALM amongst the CHAOS, because, in the end, the world is a collage that we just need to piece together in our own, unique way so it makes sense to us

That's why collaging is brilliant for social anxiety, overwhelm and general get-to-know-others in an unawkward way

Sourcing & making different imagery by regrouping and pairing them with new elements, speaks to me as a natural-born storyteller.

It's a magical & fantastical thing to be able to form A WHOLE from so many incredibly different pieces, and to this day, I still get surprised by how every single artpiece takes on a life of its own, mostly completely different from what I initially had in mind for it!

My motivation & experience:

This meditating act of cutting & curating imagery is like being in the eye of a storm: C O L L A G i N G  calms & grounds me. 

That's how STORYHOLDING was born and how I finally embraced a long-overdue temptation by MONTSALVAT to set up my studio there.

It wasn't long, and I soon had the honour to partake in various group exhibitions, as well as having my very first solo exhibitionLONGING & BELONGING.

What I want to OFFER you in this workshop:

  • Let's rescue those beautiful, old books and magazines no one's looking at anymore and give them a new platform from where they'll be APPRECIATED ONCE AGAIN IN A NEW LIGHT (a bit like a makeover for old/discarded/damaged things and regrouping/blending them with new "friends/families").

  • Let me   O P E N   U P   your world to a    N E W     level of communication & expression where you're only limited by your imagination.

What will you NEED?

ALL materials will be provided, except... 

THE most magical ingredient of all, your...

~{*!*}~  c u r i ø S i t y ~{*!*}~

Oh, and also an appetite for diving







    into an

                      *~ a l t e r n a t e ~* 

reality of 

d e c o n stru c ting
re o n st ruc ti n g

paper images sourced from my eclectic collection of vintage, artistic and intriguing pieces from: 

children's storybooks

picture encyclopedias

National Geographics

old cards

interesting flyers

art/magazines, etc.

You're also welcome to bring along any images/books you may like to donate/share/work into your creation.

The GOAL of this class:

  • To learn about & try out different contemporary collage techniques;
  • To get away from screens and embrace the surreal reality of analog art-making;
  • To help let go of expectations so you're NOT paralysed by perfectionism. To embrace organised chaos. This means NOT focusing on the final piece, but rather, the actual JOURNEY of getting to it (who knows, your plans for the final product may change about a million times as new ideas keep being bourne from your process!);
  • To help you express ideas/feelings/emotions/views artistically in an incredibly accessible, diverse & tangible way;
  • You don't have to be a painter, illustrator, writer, poet, sculpture or of any other artistic discipline in order to be able to collage... however, if you are, contemporary collage will be a great contribution to your already-chosen form(s) of art discipline(s);
  • To bring you into the present moment in a safe, accepting space. It's incredibly healing when we get to work with our hands;
  • To ease loneliness, whether it's bringing you back to a place of compassion for yourself or for others. Collage-making is full of imperfections and flawed/false starts, with the reward as the SURPRISING outcome of your creation that ended up taking shape! We get to be alone together, where we work on our own pieces, but also share in the process in whichever way we choose.

Age & competence level:

  • 18+ (due to BYO drinks - complimentary tea/coffee will also be provided)
  • Anyone who's competent to SAFELY work with scissors, is welcome. 
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What you will learn

  • I'll share examples with you of different ideas/styles so you can get i n s p i r e d !
  • Tips & tricks when it comes to different cutting, pasting (or non-pasting) and layout styles (suggestions from you also welcome, of course!).
  • Then it's PLAY TIME, because by now your creative juices will be flowing like mad and your hands shall be ITCHING to start CUTTING & ASSEMBLING! I'll guide you into sourcing for ideas & images and leave time for you to enjoy the adventure of finding your pieces that will make your whole! You'll explore the way(s) that best work for you in assembling your pieces together.

What you will get

  • ALL materials will be provided.

What to bring

  • Left-handed friends, please bring your special left-handed scissors xx
  • OPTIONAL: You're also welcome to bring along any images/books you may like to donate/share/work into your creation.
  • BYO drinks (fridge on-site) &/or a plate to share (light refreshments, incl complimentary coffee & tea will be provided)

What to wear

Comfortable clothing, ideally NO long, flowing sleeves... unless you can roll/push them up.

Appropriate for

Suitable for ALL skill levels (beginners are totally welcome) & anyone who can SAFELY deal with "grown-up" scissors!

~{*!*}~ l i t t l e b O n u s ~{*!*}~

Some light refreshments (incl coffee & tea), 

Fridge on-site for BYO drinks.

High-res flatbed scanner if you'd like to digitize your art.


(22 Reviews)

Hi, my name is Rochelle Van Der Merwe

As multi-disciplinary artist, I find exploring ideas through storytelling with imagery & words 

via contemporary collage 

a very effective way of connection 


creating a sense of 


Collage allows us to deconstruct & reconstruct the world how we see it. 

It gives you an opportunity to 

create a new universe

irrespective of how 






I am especially drawn to how contemporary collage gives new life &meaning 

to pre-used books and imagery

so they no longer lie alone in the corner and gather dust. 

We already have so much in this world, 

so collage offers 

an opportunity 


waste less 


My studio, 


is located at the pool in

MONTSALVAT, Australia's oldest continuously active artists' community

In fact, 

it's my MOST FAVOURITE room 



whole, wide world. 

Read all about it HERE!

My work has been featured in both SOLO & group exhibitions

As an immigrant from South Africa & as a trauma survivor,
I am passionate about using art-making 

as a way to thread our connection back to
our authentic selves
true expression

What drives me, is to share & learn

which is why teaching has always 

drawn me like a magnet.

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5.0 (11 reviews)
Magdalenerated it
14 Oct 2023
This is a wonderful introduction to exploring the medium of Collage! Rochelle provides everything you could need, including a heap of encouragement, enthusiasm and energy, and supports you to explore, experiment and create in the right way for YOU! While we got some technique tips this isn't a structured class, and no prior experience is required. Just bring your curiosity and a sense of adventure and you will have a great time. Everything about the location adds it's own layer to inspire you - the stunning grounds, the beautiful buildings, and the magical studio itself.
Rachelrated it
06 Sep 2023
An incredible experience with a lovely group of people. Rochelle creates a warm space and makes everyone feel like they belong. Everybody created such beautiful pieces. I felt so inspired by Rochelle's creations.
Laurenrated it
22 Aug 2023
It was an amazing night! Rochelle was awesome and got all our creative juices flowing. Highly recommend!
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