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For the safety of our staff and your fellow students, we ask you to notify us as soon as possible if you are not well enough to attend.

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4.9 (26 reviews)
Carter rated it
06 Dec 2023KIDS Collage Classes - TERM 1
Such a beautiful creative space. Rochelle has such warm encouraging energy that made my 8 year old boy feel so welcomed.
Zararated it
05 Dec 2023T(W)EEN CLASSES (for ages 12-18yrs) - TERM 1
This was the most beautiful art class. My 11 year old daughter loved going every week. She learned so much from Rochelle who is the most patient, caring and loving teacher. She showed my daughter many different techniques and always encouraged her to try new designs. I would highly recommend this class for any child who shows an interest in collage art.
Micaelarated it
13 Nov 2023COLLAGE SUNDAZE (8-100yrs)
A most wonderful afternoon spent in a gorgeous studio at Montsalvat run by the gorgeous Rochelle.
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About Storyholding

Member since 2023
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Hi, my name is Rochelle Van Der Merwe

As multi-disciplinary artist, I find exploring ideas through storytelling with imagery & words 

via contemporary collage 

a very effective way of connection 


creating a sense of 


Collage allows us to deconstruct & reconstruct the world how we see it. 

It gives you an opportunity to 

create a new universe

irrespective of how 






I am especially drawn to how contemporary collage gives new life &meaning 

to pre-used books and imagery

so they no longer lie alone in the corner and gather dust. 

We already have so much in this world, 

so collage offers 

an opportunity 


waste less 


My studio, 


is located at the pool in

MONTSALVAT, Australia's oldest continuously active artists' community

In fact, 

it's my MOST FAVOURITE room 



whole, wide world. 

Read all about it HERE!

My work has been featured in both SOLO & group exhibitions

As an immigrant from South Africa & as a trauma survivor,
I am passionate about using art-making 

as a way to thread our connection back to
our authentic selves
true expression

What drives me, is to share & learn

which is why teaching has always 

drawn me like a magnet.

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