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Questions and Answers - Pottery, Clay, Ceramic

An afternoon of ceramic consultation

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Owen Rye and Pie Bolton - all your questions about clay, making, glazes, kilns and firing discussed in a friendly forum.

Spend a few hours with Owen and Pie, on a Sunday afternoon, in the relaxed setting of The Kiln Room in Keysborough, just half an hour from Melbourne CBD. There will be an initial general chat about some technical aspects of ceramics and sharing of a few favourite resources. A collective discussion will follow, which will be guided by your questions, the issues you are experiencing and the problems you have encountered. References will be provided, along with some great tips for more successful ceramic outcomes.

What is clay? Where does it come from? What is the difference between earthenware and stoneware? Why is my work cracking here? What are cones? What is involved in choosing a kiln? Why isn't my glaze working out? What is the best way to glaze? Any ceramic question - you ask, we answer.

Owen Rye has been involved in ceramics for nearly 60 years and has worked in all areas. His original teacher was Ivan McMeekin who was regarded at the time as the technical wizard of Australian ceramics. Owen taught ceramics for 25 years in art schools in Canberra and Victoria. He fires gas and wood kilns at his studio in Gippsland and works with a range of clays. He is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

Pie Bolton established The Kiln Room to share ceramic technical knowledge and offers a complete ceramic firing service, including oxidation, reduction and once fire. The Kiln Room is a fully equipped ceramic studio. Pie has many years of experience as a ceramic technician in tertiary institutions with a background in geology. She continues to study and invest in her own learning.

Please bring along your questions and/or examples of the problems you are experiencing as all involved will gain valuable information from this friendly and inclusive discussion. 

The session is limited to 20 people to allow everyone to participate in the discussion.

Afternoon tea will be provided.

Further information… Pie Bolton 0417115009 or

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Parking is available at the front of The Kiln Room and also plenty of free parking on the street at all times.


The Kiln Room

Vendor since 2020

The Kiln Room is a fully equipped ceramic studio offering technical pottery and ceramic classes and pottery firing service. All types of firing in gas and electric kilns is possible including oxidation, reduction, bisque, earthenware, midfire, stoneware, oncefire, lustre, decal and sagger.

The Kiln Room offers a complete ceramic firing service for the local Melbourne based clay community. This includes potters, ceramicists, hobbyists, artists, sculptors, schools, community groups and small businesses.

The Kiln Room is the brainchild of Pie Bolton. Her concept is the evolution of a studio, growing in facilities and services at the request of the ceramic community and wishing to build connections between artists. It aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and to embody the generosity of spirit of early ceramicists and potters.

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13 March 2020 • Questions and Answers - Pottery, Clay, Ceramic

A great venue, excellent knowledgeable potters able to answer questions and share their pottery experiences. Certainly hope there will be more Q and A afternoons there..

The Kiln Room


Thank you!! So lovely to meet you last Sunday and thanks for all of your valuable discussion contribution. Looking forward to seeing those bonsai pots come together! See you soon, Pie :)


11 March 2020 • Questions and Answers - Pottery, Clay, Ceramic

Very helpful day thanks pie

The Kiln Room


You are very welcome! I am so pleased you enjoyed it. Pie :)


09 March 2020 • Questions and Answers - Pottery, Clay, Ceramic

The Kiln Room presented a really interesting event that related to a broad range of people and their experiences. Thanks Pie and Owen for the informative afternoon.

The Kiln Room


Thank you! I am really glad that the information was useful. We really wanted to make everyone feel welcome and included. Pie :)

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