Imagine creating a parcel filled with all the wishes you have for yourself, then taking one special wish out and expressing the feeling of that wish as a reality that already exists through painting. 

Each participant will create their own artwork using colour as a form of self expression. Each class will start with a meditation to connect with their inner self. During the first session participants will visualize their personal desires and the wishes they have for themselves in their life. They will then choose one of these to be anchored into an artwork over the weekend. Each class will commence with a meditation to reconnect participants with their wishes and the emerging artwork. Students will  work independently and be supported depending on their individual needs.

Over the two day weekend Kirana will take you on a journey using art as a tool to express yourself, let go and anchor the desired energy. Using acrylics or watercolour

Kirana will guide you through:·      Colour expression·     


                                                       Shadow and light·     

                                                       Viewing your artwork objectively 

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Class Schedule

This class takes place on Saturday 26th August and Sunday 27th August from 10am to 2pm

What you will learn
  • Learn to anchor desired energy into a tangible piece of art
  • Confidently express yourself through colour
  • Gain experience in colour combinations, layering, use of shadow and light
What you will get
  • Students will walk away with a finished artwork ready to frame.

What to bring
  • All materials provided.
What to wear

Casual, ready to mke Art.

Appropriate for

15 - 100


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