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Ian Bennett - Construct a veil block and blocking cage veils

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Many people think they know how to create a veil, but do they really? Did you know a veil canbe blocked? DId you know there is a specific block that was made for this purpose? This is an old technique that does not get used often any more and should be.

After finishing off your very own veiling block, (which you keep) I will show you how to block both a full face and half veiling and a cage veiling. The course also includes wiring techniques for making a custom alice band and prongs. Both of which are incredibly useful for custom creations and event headpieces. Also working with a new veiling product in two patterns.

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What you will learn
  • How to construct a block
  • How to use your block to block different veils
  • How to use new Cobweb Veiling
What you will get
  • The veiling block you make in class
  • Materials kit to get you started (at discounted rate)

What to bring
  • Basic Millinery Kit
What to wear

Casual - Closed in footwear

Appropriate for

Open - No experience required


Torb and Reiner

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T&R has been supplying quality millinery products to the world for over 6 years. We also have a long history of providing millinery education to students all over Australia with our founder Waltraud Reiner teaching from the Hatmobile.

Even now whilst there are different an varied teachers taking workshops at T&R we all have on thread in commmon. We want to provide the best training possible to ensure the skills we have learned are passed on. In a world where so many things are throw away we are proud to go against that trend and empart the ability to make quality products. Whether that is a hat, costume, sun dress or an oven mitt we want the student to feel they are learnig a skill they can use. 

Our Vision:

We provide the highest standard of millinery and sewing education, supply the finest millinery tools and materials, and support aspiring millinery and textile designers/makers. We are dedicated to supporting our community, and to inspiring generations of hat-lovers with the skills and ideas we share.

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