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An Introduction to Freeform Crochet & Knitting with Sharyn McNab

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Freeform Crochet and Knitting is the seemingly random combination of crochet, knitting and possibly other fibre arts to make a piece not constrained by colours, stitches, patterns or other limitations.

In this workshop you will learn to create a range of small freeform shapes using a combination of crochet and knitting, to create a "scrumble", without using a proper pattern.  The scrumbles you make can then be used as individual pieces or joined together to create a larger fabric.  I think of them as jigsaw pieces!.

As your teacher, my goal is to guide you and inspire you to create and incorporate your own elements of freeform in your future craft endeavours.

During your workshop, enjoy a lovely, complimentary Devonshire Tea that will make your class experience super special. Think fresh scones, house made lemon curd, organic plum jam from the Rushworth area and fresh whipped cream, no canned stuff here, just like Nana would have served, barista made coffee or a fresh brewed tea, with a tea cosy of course. You may want to book another class just for the excuse to devour another.

There is a follow-up workshop offered if you wish to explore your freeform adventure further! This is "The Next Step in Freeform Crochet: More Freeform Elements & Stitches". If you have a freeform project you would like guidance with, or not sure where to start or how to approach it, or aren't comfortable in a group environment, private lessons are available. Classes are kept small in order to provide individual attention.  They are meant to be fun and there is no such thing as a mistake!

Private Lesson (3hr) - $100;  2 Person (3hr) - $75 each;  Up to 6 people Workshop (3hr) - $65 each

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What you will learn
  • Learn how to play and be artistic with your crochet! There is no such thing as a mistake!
  • Learn how to apply your knowledge of basic stitches in creating texture and interest in a freeform fabric
  • Learn how you can use all manner of yarns in different ply's. (Don't let your scraps go to waste)!
What you will get
  • You will be provided with notes and instructions for several different elements (shapes) to take home.
  • A wool pack of 12 different yarns ranging from 3ply to 8ply, at an additional cost of $35 will be provided. You can choose from a range of colour schemes.
  • Your own "scrumble" to take home and further develop with the skills you have learned.

What to bring
  • 3mm & 4mm crochet hooks
  • 3mm or 4mm knitting needles (short ones or cable needles)
  • wool needle for sewing in ends
  • small scissors
  • (All of these items are also available in-store)
What to wear

Comfortable, casual attire

Appropriate for

People of all ages with advanced beginner skills in crochet. i.e.. chain, dc, htr, tr stitches, and basic knitting skills


Unwind Craft Cafe

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Unwind Craft Cafe is the dream creation of Robyn, to provide a warm and inviting place for lovers of vintage, retro, handmade, and anyone who enjoys good old fashioned cafe treats that are made with love, our barista made coffee and tea selection are a good enough reason to just pop in and Unwind.

Why not grab a friend or someone special and enjoy our delicious house made Devonshire tea, fresh whipped cream, house made lemon curd (you may lick the jar as many of our customers do) home made jam with organic fruit from a family property in Rushworth, all served up with an appealing retro vintage feel, vintage tea cups and a tea cozy of course.

You will be greated by our lovely staff and an amazing colourful wall of Bendigo Woollen Mills Yarn, the store is a buzz with all the handmade wares for you to purchase or order.

You will often see someone learning a new craft, or selecting the yarn for a new project, which adds to the special atmosphere at Unwind.

We have a dedicated space for private functions, crafty catch ups for those who want to linger longer, retirement village outings or any other use we may not have thought of yet. With food and beveridges provided from our fantastic menu, let us organise a special gathering for you, add a teacher and we can incorporate a lesson or fun craft activity, perfect for team building or getting your guests involved and making it an extra special event.

With our stressful busy lives, the ever increasing screen and device time, knitting and crochet are back in vogue not only for creativity, also for their fantastic ability to help us relax and Unwind, do not under estimate this truly magical side effect of these time honoured crafts.

Children aged around 10 or older benefit greatly from Knitting and crochet, it is also something that an adult and child can do together, it builds lasting connections and fond memories, not to mention great for manual dexterity and mindfulness.

A great selection of yarn, books, knitting and crochet tools are also available, with someone who actual knows what they are selling and how to use the products (very rare today) so nothing left for you to do, other than book a class, pop in for a cafe treat, or organise that special function.

Let us help you Unwind real soon, we no you deserve it!

Check out what’s on at our cafe!

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Terms & Conditions

Unwind Class Terms & Conditions

Payment for Classes:  Our classes are kept small in order to maximise your learning experience. This means you will receive individual attention during class, but it also means that places are limited.

In order to reserve a space in a class you must pay the full registration fee in advance. Payments and bookings are via We Teach Me (our preferred booking and payment system), in the store, or over the phone on (03) 9336 0687, using PayPal or a credit card.

Booking and Cancellations:We understand that things happen and sometimes you are unable to attend a class. However, in order to cover our teacher and class costs, please be aware of the following when booking your class.

Cancellations or changes of date made with 7 or more days notice will receive a full refund less $10 administration fee. This can be a refund or a credit to another class.

Cancellations or changes of date made with less than 7 days notice may forfeit 50% of the class fee*. This can be a refund or a credit toward another class.

Cancellations or changes of date made with less than 48 hours notice may forfeit full fee*. No refund or credit will be given.

Missing a second or subsequent session of a multi-session class there is no refund for missed session. Make up sessions are generally not available, however our teacher may be willing to arrange another date for session, or attend one of our social events (assistance may be offered if teacher is present or from fellow participants) or book a private class.

*All reimbursements are made at the discretion of the shop owner and are determined on a case by case basis.

Occasionally, Unwind may cancel a class* due to low booking numbers. We really don't like doing this as we love to teach people to knit, crochet and scrumble, but if we don't cover our costs we can't run the class. If Unwind must cancel a class, enrolled participants will be notified 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled class and will receive a credit for the replacement class or a full refund as required.

Our lovely teachers realise this may be disappointing for some participants (it's disappointing for them too!), and are willing to provide a Private or Small Group Lesson** if a cancellation due to low booking numbers occurs.

*Cancellations are at the discretion of the teacher and Unwind Craft Café.**Private (one participant) and Small Group (two participants) Lessons cost a little more, however you benefit from the individual attention from our teacher.

Supplies/Materials:To avoid the disappointment and frustration that occurs when using inferior tools, we ask that any specific materials be purchased from the shop and you do not substitute.

Students may be able to purchase supplies via We Teach Me when booking a class or from the store. Please arrive at least 15-30min early to purchase supplies if you have not already done so prior to class.

Please support your local yarn store and purchase your supplies at Unwind Craft Café.

Patterns: A link to Ravelry for any class patterns will be included on the class booking page on We Teach Me. For customers that are not familiar with Ravelry, patterns can be brought in store and sent to you (or someone you nominate) via email.

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27 March 2017 • An Introduction to Freeform Crochet & Knitting with...

I love this free form style as you can't make mistakes Also the combination of knitting & crotchet was great I learnt some new stitches & how to add on to random pieces The price of the class was a little high for me but ok I guess I would make liked a follow up class to be shown how to put things together even for half an hour as I think I will be lost & have some problems Overall it was very enjoyable