The Power of Seeing Things Differently

The Power of Seeing Things Differently

Make better decisions and enhance creativity

Live via Zoom


In this zoom class, Vincent will guide you on a journey through how you how you perceive the world in a very limited way, to where we open up your intuition and perceive the world for a very different, expanded way (without using drugs)

The class lasts for around two hours, perhaps a little shorter and you just need to bring yourself
There are no restrictions. There's no writing to be done. There are a few agreements around values.
All you need is an open mind and the preparedness to drop your judgments and preconceptions

What Vincent tells you is great but the primary learning comes from the exercises that are core of the training. For the final exercise, you will be invited to look deeply at your surroundings for a while. Ideally these should be nature. That works best. For example, you may have a garden, be near a park or even just able to find a tree in a street or a small patch of nature strip. That is perfect; but the exercise will work in man-made surroundings as well.

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What you will learn

  • How our natural information flow is filtered.
  • how profoundly our unconscious influences how we perceive the world
  • how to connect to intuition and see the world differently

What you will get

  • Access to intuition on demand for insights and clarity

What to bring

  • No materials required

What to wear

Casual dress code

Appropriate for

Age 18+, all skill levels, no prerequisite classes. Curious, creative, looking for innovative ways to solve problems, needing to make decisions especially in ambiguous circumstances,

Vincent Melling

Vendor since 2022

What if you could go way beyond thinking outside the box?
If you could receive ideas and insights at will?
What if you could find better solutions to your problems?
Make better decisions? Unleash your innate, next-level creativity?

You can.
Through Intuition.

I can teach you to use your intuition in very practical ways to
• Make your business competitive?
• Understand your customer better and create solutions to their problems
• Find better ways to serve your customers
• Make better decisions - especially when the background is so complex and ambiguous?
• Create a powerful, farsighted vision
• Solve problems
, enhance your creativity

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Cancellations & Refunds

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You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

You’re welcome to send someone in your place.


You may cancel anytime before class starts and claim a full refund or transfer or credit note.

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Terms & Conditions

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