Cheese & Yoghurt 101

What to Bring

  • Just Yourself

What to Wear

  • Casual

Cheese & Yoghurt 101

About This Class

What You Get

  • Samples of yogurt/labneh
  • Take home sheets of cheesecloth for straining at home.
  • A pdf with all the steps


Making your own yoghurt at home is a handy skill to have – to eat well, save money and create something you’d normally need to buy! It’s a superpower!

This workshop will introduce basic yoghurt preparation from a live culture, how to strain the result for greek yogurt and labneh (yogurt cream cheese), options for seasoning, and how to store them.

Sample everything with fresh bread, fruit, and Bee One Third honey while learning how to make these indulgent foods more affordable.


Chris is an American-born printmaker and teacher who has a passion for all things making and DIY!  He’s a master of his yoghurt-making technique, adapting it to be as simple as possible, without the need of special equipment or tools.

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