Busy Dad's Basics: Let's cook!

What to Bring

  • Notepad, pen, and your appetite!

Busy Dad's Basics: Let's cook!

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn basic cooking skills to be able to feed your family healthy, wholesome meals, at an affordable price!

What You Get

  • All the ingredients and info you need to become your family's favourite chef!


Busy Dads Basics are a series of work shops for (but not limited to) dad’s on the go who want to learn skills & develop tools to assist them in their super busy lives. This can be anything from learning to cook the perfect roast chook, how to work out effectively in only 10-15mins without a gym, to meditating like a pro from the 1st time you close your eyes.

In this series of Busy Dad’s Basics you will learn the very simple, but ultimate crowd pleaser, the Ragout or Bolognese.

This is the dish that makes every Dad a super hero...We look at the best possible ingredients with a no-fuss approach and what you can substitute with if you don’t have all the ingredients in the cupboard or fridge.

This is also the biggest time-saver of the Busy Dad’s Basics recipes because with one big batch you can feed your tribe for weeks.

About Grant and Busy Dads...

Busy Dad’s founder, Grant Lyndon. A father of four and a very busy dad himself, Grant has developed a tool kit of ways in which a man can have more time to do the things he needs to do for himself, and in turn be the best and most present dad he can be for his family.

Check him out at https://www.busydads.com.au/

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