Italian Dinner Party - Learn a Banquet of Italian dishes to share

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Although we won't be making pasta in this class, (we have another class that we do that in) we will be focussing on other Italian favourites like gnocchi. This 'Dinner Party Class' is designed to get everyone cooking. The aim is to share as many tips as we can in the allotted time frame.

We set up workstations with parts of this delicious menu. Students will work in groups to achieve these amazing dishes.  You won’t get to cook every dish on the day, but we will stop at certain points throughout the lesson so our instructor can share techniques in making these delicious recipes easily achievable at home.

Check out the menu:

  •  Bec’s Easy Ciabatta
  •  Handmade Potato Gnocchi with Prosciutto and Parmigianino cream
  •  Erbazzone Reggiano
  •  Pickled pear relish
  •  Pepperonatta
  •  Roasted Vegetable Frittata
  •  Italian Flavour Booster (Vegetable stock)
  •  Caramel Italian Cream Cake
  •  Caramel Cake topping
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What you will learn
  • Eight (8) amazing recipes, including gnocchi
  • Techniques that cookbooks don’t tell you!
What you will get
  • A comprehensive handout
  • Lunch accompanied with a glass of wine
  • Hands-on instruction showing all important techniques needed
  • Hands-on dinner party

What to bring
  • An apron if you have one, we provide everything else
  • Our classroom is cooled for food safety, so if you feel the cold bring a cardigan
  • A healthy appetite for Italian food
What to wear

To ensure food safety procedures are followed: Flat, enclosed, non-slip soled shoes for comfort and safety in the kitchens ; Clothing is to be clean and casual ; Please tie long hair back and remove any unnecessary jewellery..

Appropriate for

Anyone who wants to learn Italian food


Bec's Table

Vendor since 2017

Our aim at Bec’s table is to inspire you to create great food at home.  We run a broad range of classes for all skill levels. We provide hands-on and demonstration classes to suit the student’s needs.

The equipment you’ll find at our cooking school is the same as in any home kitchen so that all our recipes and techniques will be readily reproduced with ease in yours. It’s no use us using a commercial combi oven if you don’t have one at home. We have a wide range of equipment at our school including Thermomix for Thermomix owners.

My qualifications are as follows:

• Certificate in Hospitality – Kitchen Operations

• Certificate in Hospitality – Commercial Cookery

• Certificate in Hospitality – Patisserie

• Certificate in Training and Assessment

We also have guest teachers that conduct classes in their particular field of experience.

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