The Best Classes of 2017: Melbourne

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Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019
The Best Classes of 2017: Melbourne

If you’ve resolved to improve yourself in the next year, but have yet to decide how you’ll go about doing it, enrolling in a class or two is something that we recommend. With more and more workshops and short courses being offered on virtually every topic, every year, there are no more excuses that can be made about time, cost, or finding a good teacher, when wanting to learn something new.

You might be wondering which classes are worth spending your time and money on, which is why we bring you the top 10 Melbourne classes in the last year that our eager learners loved the most. All the listings are reviewed - which is another good way for you to decide which class might be your next new adventure!

Espresso Basics: How to Make Coffee

This introductory barista course will teach all the fundamental skills, such as operation of an espresso machine and grinder, espresso standards and guidelines, milk pouring techniques, making all coffee menu items, and more.
Skill Level: All levels, no pre-requisites
Next date available: January 11th
Cost: $150 (Level 1), $280 (Level 1 & 2), $500 (Level 1-3)
Bookings and more info: The Espresso School

Duck Demystified

Learn the foundations of cooking restaurant-quality whole duck and duck portions, all under the careful guidance of a skilled expert. Sides, sauces, and Luv-a-Duck’s famous Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes are also covered in the class. Plus, you can enjoy all of the dishes that you create on the day over a glass of wine.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 18th
Cost: $120
Bookings and more info: Luv-a-Duck

Brewery Masterclass & Lunch

Learn what goes into beer, how it’s produced and how it gets in your glass. This 2-hour class covers: a brewery tour of 3 Ravens Brewery, a sharing style sit-down feast with the brewery team, and a guided beer tasting through the 3 Ravens range and limited rarities from the cellar.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: February 10th
Cost: $95
Bookings and more info: 3 Ravens Brewery

Beginners Bread Making

Learn all about the bread making process, whilst a fully qualified baker or pastry chef explains each step along the way. You will be able to replicate this same process at home for your own enjoyment, as well as for your friends and family. The workshop includes: a welcome cup of tea, a Convent Bakery embroidered apron, scones and pizza made by you, all recipes and baking methods, and a kilo of organic flour to take home.
Skill Level: All Levels
Next date available: March 17th
Cost: $190
Bookings and more info: Convent Bakery

Candle Making Workshop

Be guided through the candle making process step by step in this 3-hour, hands-on class so you can confidently create your own soy candles at home. You’ll be provided with jars but are welcome to bring jars of your own.

Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: March 11th
Cost: $95 (Bring-a-Friend), $110 (Regular)
Bookings and more info: Soy Candles

Let’s Make Dumplings Workshop

In this hands-on dumpling workshop, you will get an introduction to the world of dumplings and the ingredients that go into them. Learn to make by hand the dough used for dumplings and to make three types of filling: meat, seafood, and vegetarian. Get to fold, pleat, and of course cook dumplings like a pro, until it’s finally time to enjoy with the rest of your classmates all the food you have made.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: March 11th
Cost: $110 (Early Bird), $120 (Regular)
Bookings and more info: The Humble Dumpling

Gelato Appreciation Class

This fast-selling class is back! Part gelato making workshop, part info session, part science lesson, and part gelato degustation with the Messina chefs, this is one of the best-loved offerings on WeTeachMe. After some welcome coffee and conversations, you will learn all about Messina’s backstory and then get a demonstration of how they make their world-famous gelato and gelato cakes. You then, of course, get to try everything they make! Try as many flavours (40 in total!) in their cabinet as you can handle – or as time permits. And if all that isn’t enough, you also go home with a tub of gelato!
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: May 19th
Cost: $160
Bookings and more info: Gelato Messina

Mindfulness Drop-in Class

You’ve heard of mindfulness, but want to find out more about what it is and what it can do for you. Learn all this and more as a Mind Room psychologist teaches you how to practise mindfulness skills through meditation and everyday activities. The class will also help you to integrate mindfulness into your life for more clarity, focus, and calm in the new year.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: February 6th
Cost: FREE (For first-timers and Mind Room Clients), $15 (Everyone else)
Bookings and more info: The Mind Room

Resin Art Masterclass

This resin art form is all the trend and this class will provide you with everything you need to know about it. You will be walked through epoxy resin techniques used in application to an art board of your choice (30x40cm or 40cm round), and engage in a hands-on activity to create your very own resin wall art masterpiece.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 20th
Cost: $190 (Regular), $205 (Regular Pass + Shipping of Artwork)
Bookings and more info: Art Tree Creations

One-Night Palate Trainer

This two-hour class, facilitated by a 20-year veteran in the Melbourne wine industry, will help you gain a better understanding of your own palate, and teach you how to pick out specific wine faults which occur in 1 out of 12 bottles! Expose your palate to tannin, acid, bitterness, alcohol and TCA (cork taint) in wines. Learn how to identify them by smell and taste, and experience where each occurs on the palate.
Skill Level: All wine lovers of all levels
Next date available: February 26th
Cost: $49
Bookings and more info: Armadale Cellars

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