Bulleen Art and Garden

www.baag.com.au Melbourne, VIC


At Bulleen Art & Garden we focus on the environment and creativity. You’ll find a plant nursery, art gallery, gift, pot and hardware shops and a huge landscape supplies yard. We have an extensive range of plants, including one of Melbourne’s biggest ranges of herbs, fruit and vegies. We also specialise in edible, indigenous and low water use plants.



Aug 2017

Learn to combine plants that worked together well. Very good explanation.

Aug 2017

Made it very easy to preserve food. I thought it would be more complicated. It has spured me on to try things myself

Jul 2017
Limestone Sculpture Workshop - 22 Jul 2017 10:00 AM

I had a great day teacher great simple instruction and I went home with a piece I'm very pleased with.I'm now working on a new piece and will do another class when I need some more refinement

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