Bulleen Art and Garden

www.baag.com.au Melbourne, VIC


At Bulleen Art & Garden we focus on the environment and creativity. You’ll find a plant nursery, art gallery, gift, pot and hardware shops and a huge landscape supplies yard. We have an extensive range of plants, including one of Melbourne’s biggest ranges of herbs, fruit and vegies. We also specialise in edible, indigenous and low water use plants.



May 2017

Learning about Australian native edible plants that could be grown in pots was fun and inspiring. Karen is an enthusiastic instructor whose passion for edible gardening is contagious. Being able to taste and smell various plants, together with hearing about how they can be used in the home, expanded my knowledge and increased my desire to try it myself. I am curious about Australian flavours and left with the confidence that I could grow some myself. I will start with the pepperberry.

May 2017

I really learned a lot in this class. Many new concepts like scent masking etc were covered and also how one companion plants was made clear. Angelo is very passionate and knowledgeable and it was a really great class. I would highly recommend this class.

May 2017

Guild samples

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