Since the dawn of agriculture, people have been aware of the need to store up provisions against natural or man made disasters. Adding salt to foods was a method adopted for preserving produce for consumption at a later time. Being able to preserve food in this way really allowed civilisation to expand beyond the boundaries of where food was readily available. The discovery and habitation of many parts of the modern world would not have been possible without such knowledge and practice of food preservation.

Whilst it is all too easy to visit a local shop to purchase pickles and fermented products, there are plenty of reasons to understand the process if not to pursue making your own then just for the security of knowledge.

This class is designed to provide an indepth understanding of preservation, the techniques, ingredients and uses.

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What you will learn
  • pickling techniques
  • differentiating different types of salt
  • traditional methods of processing olives
What you will get
  • tastings
  • insight in to proper techniques of food preservation

What to bring
  • desire to learn about food preservation
Appropriate for

Home Cooks, Health Conscious


Curly Whiskers Food School

Vendor since 2017

An elegant little place specialising in truly gourmet crêpes and galettes. A restaurant where attention to detail is apparent, from the classy monochrome décor, Christina Re teaware serving exquisite Ovvio Organic and Cup Above tea, through to the actual food itself … each dish a sensory work of art made from the best quality local, seasonal, mostly organic ingredients supplied by some of Australia’s best practice artisan brands and producers: Schulz Organic Farms, Barambah Organics, Woodbridge Smokehouse, Kialla Pure Foods, Yarra Valley Caviar, Carboor Harvest, The Fermentary, Gary’s Quality Meats, Hagens Organic Butchers.

With an open kitchen, transparency is part of the charm of this unique French Bistro and Crêperie in Brighton. Patrons engage with all members of the team, observing the preparation techniques using traditional cookware to make their food.

Ideal venue for private corporate functions including team building events (between 6 - 26 attendees)

Restaurant open for: lunch Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 2:30pm and dinner Wednesday - Saturday 6 - 9.30pm

As the venue is small and cosy, bookings are recommended.

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