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When swimmers and triathletes want to get faster in the water it’s not often a matter of training harder. Fitness can only take a person so far in swimming. The most effective way to increase speed and endurance is by improving your technique. We take the drills, techniques and training methods used by the best swimmers around the world and make them available to athletes of all levels.

A bit about Brenton:

 - Australian National Age Finalist (400 IM, 200 Breaststroke, 200 IM)

 - National Masters Record Holder

 - Australian National Masters Coach of the Year (2012)

 - Australian Masters National Championship Coach (2009, 2012, 2013)

These methods have been used with athletes and teams who have:

 - Broken National and World Master’s records (Kelly Higgins, Jenny Bucknell, Brenton Ford plus many more)

 - Made National swim teams (Sam Ashby)

 - Competed in the Olympics in triathlon (Samantha Warriner, New Zealand)

 - Won back-to-back National Master’s titles (Powerpoints MSC)

 - Win open water races (Too many to mention!)

 - Improved efficiency and smoothness of their stroke (you don’t have to be a top level swimmer to benefit from the materials)

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17 July 2019 • Freestyle Clinic Melbourne - Huntingtower Pool

I went along to improve my swimming stroke as I have spent the last year in the pool making to improvement. I came away from the session with tips and drills to improve my swimming and from the video analysis and drills on the day I could see what improvements I needed to make . I would throughly recommend attending Effortless swimming’s clinics if you want to improve your swimming.


16 July 2019 • Freestyle Clinic Melbourne - Huntingtower Pool

Highly recommended, highly organised and quite enlightening! Awesome work Effortless!


16 July 2019 • Freestyle Clinic Melbourne - Huntingtower Pool

It doesn't matter how many times I do these, I always learn more and as a result improve. Clinics are run well and with small groups which still allows for the personal touch. Brenton knowledge is amazing, and it doesn't matter what your ability is, he always has something for you to learn and focus on. The drills you take away embed the learning's so it becomes naturally part of your stroke.

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