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Unwind and Escape with Fluid Art's VIP Exclusive

Let’s get your mojo back!

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  • Do your days feel like Groundhog Day? 
  • Are you dying to take a break from the monotony and repetition of everyday life?
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks and stressful life? 
  • Do you feel that you need inner healing and calm returned to your spirit? 
  • Or perhaps, you’ve seen this incredible art technique and simply want to learn more?

If your answer to at least one of these questions is a resounding “YES!!!”, then I’m your gal. 

In two full hours, I will show you how flowing colours can give you that much-needed break that you need. 

They say that art is therapeutic and I can personally attest to this. Having experienced firsthand how fluid art can heal and bring so much joy, I am here to share this wonderful experience with you.

This will not be your typical art workshop. In this private, face-to-face, hands-on 2-hour session, I won’t be teaching you how to paint. Instead, I will show you how waves of various colours can make all your stress and anxiety magically float away.  Imagine how the ocean waves make you feel. It’s similar to that but much better with a rainbow of hues in your hands. I will be guiding you throughout the process and answering any questions you might have.

So, what exactly will be happening?

  • You’ll create your own unique, acrylic paint pouring masterpieces (2)         

  • We’ll use minimal tools (no pencils and paintbrushes!)             

  • You’ll learn how to use and combine acrylic fluid paint              

  • We’ll explore different fun and addictive techniques, such as the ‘flip cup dirty pour’ and balloon press

  • There's no experience or special skill-set required for this technique

What your private session will cover | Value $1,997

  • Equipment, supplies, materials, and utensils needed               

  • Preparation of the canvas               

  • Learn what a pouring medium is               

  • Acrylic paint pouring formula               

  • Information about safety precautions when working with paint and additives

  • Advice on how long it takes for paint to dry. Dry verses fully cured. 

  • Options to give your work a finishing touch at home, once it’s fully cured.

What I deliver | Value $8,290       

  • A warm welcome and sparkling on arrival 

  • All materials, supplies, utensils, and equipment for the session

  • Soothing background music               

  • Hot/cold beverages   

  • Preparation, set-up, and pack down for your private event               

  • Ensure the occasion is hassle and stress-free               

  • Help you place your artworks in a tray to take home

What you take home | Value $250

  • An Acrylic Paint Pouring Art information booklet/folder

  • Your own two very special paintings (30x40cm or similar size canvases)

  • Tray for your masterpieces

  • Treasured memories, priceless! 

How I will serve you pre & post-session | Value $597

  • Maintain contact with you to confirm details leading up to your private session

  • Send you a reminder a day before your one-on-one session

  • Send you a follow-up ‘thank you’ email after our time is completed

  • Send you a feedback form and an opportunity to stay in touch.

Paid in Full Bonuses | Value $500

  • A delicious grazing plate of food (tailored to your liking) for the private session

  • As a VIP client, after the event, Fluid Art inc will personally follow up with a 10-minute phone call                   

  • A photo with your unique and special artwork masterpieces (sent electronically)

  • VIP membership to an exclusive closed Facebook group.  Receive event invitations and view new artworks by Fluid Art inc first.

  • Invitations to Retreat weekends.

  • Receive an acrylic paint pouring art starter-kit (value $150)

Total value | $11,634 

YOU PAY | $1997*, plus receive bonuses (value $500), a saving of $9,637

Payment options:

*Pay in Full plus receive bonuses (Value $500) $1997; or

Two Instalments (excludes bonuses) $2,250

Add:  Partner or friend for an extra $250 (excludes bonuses)

The goal is not to create a masterpiece, but to immerse yourself in the process, so you’re able to focus on the beauty as it unfolds in front of your very eyes. As you get rid of negative distractions for a couple of hours, acrylic paint pouring art will enable you to express and reflect your deepest emotions, and all of this will be forever captured on the pieces you take home.

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What you will learn
  • Preparing your canvas; the supplies, tools & equipment needed
  • Dirty Pour and Flip Cup Dirty Pour technique
  • Acrylic Paint Pouring formula
What you will get
  • Sparkling and food on arrival; take home two unique artwork masterpieces on canvas;
  • Disposable apron and gloves; use of paint materials and utensils/equipment supplied
  • Information sheet including materials list; and treasured memories.
Parking Info

Free parking.  Limited parking bays available.

What to bring
  • Long hair? Wear a headband or tie-back.
  • For your safety, wear flat, rubber soled shoes for a tiled floor.
  • Keep hydrated. We provide bottled water.
What to wear

Wear clothes you are prepared to get paint on and closed-in shoes.

Appropriate for

For adults over 18 years young; all levels including complete beginners and assumes no prior knowledge


Fluid Art Inc

Vendor since 2019

Fluid Art inc is a warm and friendly studio environment. Owned and operated by Sandra White in Bayswater, Western Australia - she is the fluid artist in residence.

Sandra is a self-taught abstract expressionist with a vision for exploring the wonders that fluid mediums provide. She also enjoys helping people express themselves through art and creativity.

Every person has an inner voice that can express emotions to create a work of wonder and awe.

Fluid art is a freedom flow technique that is creative expression.  This was my way of healing and restoring a healthy life balance.

By removing all distraction, we can use colour, minimal tools to visually express feelings and thoughts.

If you’re hearing the call to express yourself authentically and create works of art, I invite you to one of my Fluid Art Events where I will guide you to break the rules, leave the pencils and paintbrushes behind, and open the door to infinite possibilities.

No artistic ability required – I promise!

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refunds, transfer and workshop absence

  • Bookings can be refunded (95%) with at least 14 days' notice.  Cancellation refunds will incur a 5% administrative fee.  The 5% admin fee is refunded to
  • Preparation starts well in advance of your party/Event as well as ordering of materials, supplies, beverage and food catering.  Up to 30 x 500-1000ml paint bottles are specially formulated and prepared a week before your party/event.  However, we do understand that there are unforeseen circumstances that may arise to cancel an event/party.    Please understand that cancellations made with 4-13 days' notice will incur a 50% refund (5% admin fee & 45% recovery costs to Fluid Art inc).  No refunds are issued with less than 4 days notice.
  • If you are unable to attend a Party/Event, you may seek a replacement to take your place up until the beginning of the party/event only.
  • Once an event has begun there are no refunds issued.
  • If you miss an event/party, there are no refunds.
  • Unclaimed works will be disposed of after 2 weeks or materials re-used.
  • Unforeseen party/event cancellation: You will be notified at least 2 days prior to the class if cancellation is deemed necessary by Fluid Art inc and a full refund will be provided.

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Terms & Conditions

Booking terms and conditions

  • To secure your booking Fluid Art inc requires full payment at the time of booking.
  • Pay by instalments: Payments can be made in two separate instalments.  Full payment must be received 7 days prior to the party/Event.
  • Please read the Refunds Policy.
  • Online payment is the preferred payment method.  No cash payments are allowable.

Giving a party or event as a gift

  • If you are buying a gift certificate please alert the recipient to these Terms & Conditions.
  • If you have purchased a gift certificate it is your responsibility to ensure the recipient is available for the workshop – as outlined above, workshops are not transferable to another time or date.

Participant responsibilities

It is the participant's responsibility to:

  • Provide correct contact details when enrolling so that Fluid Art inc can provide confirmation and up to date reminders
  • Check email and spam folders for confirmation and reminders
  • Make a note of Party or Event date in your diary.

Work created

On completion of the workshop, completed artworks are for you to take home.  Unfortunately, there is limited space for artworks to dry onsite. Participants who wish to collect their work at a nominated date have up to 2 weeks to collect. Uncollected work will be disposed of or re-used.

Private Sessions/Events

Generally workshop fees are all-inclusive of materials, supplies, tools & equipment.  Unless otherwise stated.


All workshops are hands-on, please wear appropriate clothing that you are prepared to get paint on, enclosed rubber-soled shoes are essential for a titled floor.


Free parking bays are available at the studio shopfront. 

Photographs and Video footage

Photos and video footage are used in our media including online promotions.  On your arrival, you will be presented with a Photo Consent & Release Form.  If you do not wish to have your photo or video footage captured on the day, please tick the box 'I do not consent to my photo or video footage be taken...'  No explanation is required and total respect for your decision humbly accepted.


Fluid Art inc. may, from time to time, nominate or invite other workshop tutors to teach.  Our workshops are designed to cater to a variety of skill levels and most events are suitable for beginners to more experienced levels unless otherwise stated in the outline.

If you have further questions about our events please contact Sandra on 0422 253 711 or email

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