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LEARN AUSLAN AT HOME - Auslan Level 1 Online

Auslan for Beginners

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The Auslan Company is proud to present this Auslan Level 1 Online course. The course is comprised of 27 videos, 500+ signs across 19 categories, and over 80 set sentences to practice with. The course is 100% online and as the videos are all prerecorded you can work through the course at times that are convenient to you.

The online course aims to be fun and to create opportunities for people to develop, renew or update their Auslan skills. You will learn basic information about Auslan grammar and the importance of facial expressions and body language in Auslan. However, please be aware that this is not an accredited Auslan course.

Once you've enrolled into the course you will have full and immediate access to all of the videos. There are no restrictions on how many times you can replay a video nor is there a time limit on you having to complete the course.

At the end of the course there is two part assessment for us assess your receptive (understanding what is being signed) and expressive (signing yourself) Auslan skills before we can provide you with your level 1 certificate.

As a special gift for those that complete the course, when you email us your final assessment you will receive back a link to our library of Auslan songs, nursery rhymes, and stories, as well as a link to our private Facebook group for you to connect and practice with other Auslan learners.

There is a comment section after each lecture where you can ask myself or the school community questions about signs or information you are unsure about. We love getting feedback so even drop by to say hello if you like.

I hope you enjoy learning Auslan in this online course and thank you for your interest in Auslan and the Deaf community.

"Darren, thank you so much for the way in which you presented Auslan Level 1. You brought humour into it, which I love and made it an enjoyable language to learn. Categorising and breaking it down the way you did was helpful to get through and refer back when needed" - Nada Cevizovic (level 1 student)

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What you will learn

  • Learn to communicate in Auslan
  • Gain an understanding of the grammar used in Auslan
  • Be able to communicate with Auslan users on a basic level

What you will get

  • Covers 19 categories of signs - approximately 500 signs and over 80 set sentences to practice with
  • Course has voiceover and Auslan signing
  • Information on Auslan grammar, facial expressions, and body language
  • Video assessment and level 1 certificate at the end of the course

What to bring

  • The desire to learn Auslan
  • Time to practice on a daily basis

What to wear

Whatever you wear at home

Appropriate for

Professionals, Individuals, students and families wanting to learn Auslan throughout Australia.

The Auslan Company

Vendor since 2015

The Auslan Company was established by a Deaf man, Darren Roberts, in  2004.  Today we are the only Deaf owned and operated Auslan Training  Organisation that combines Auslan community courses, Auslan in the  workplace and Deaf Awareness Training within its’ scope.

The Auslan Company’s passion is in teaching Auslan and sharing our  awesomely visual language with those who CARE enough to learn for their  personal enjoyment or because they have a deaf staff member or deaf  customers / clients.

We have passionate and committed Auslan Teachers whose PASSION is in  teaching Auslan in a practical, fun and informative way that will give  you the starting skills to communicate with any Deaf person in a social  or workplace setting as well as the ability, through general Deaf  Awareness, to EMPATHISE from a Deaf perspective.

We have also created 3 educational Auslan DVD’s and a LearnAuslan app  (from the DVD’s) to assist people learn Auslan at home in their free  time.

Follow us on Facebook: /theauslancompany to find out more about all our courses and the fun things we do.

For whatever reason you want to learn Auslan l hope you will find the  right option for you through our Auslan community courses, the Auslan  in the workplace courses, through Deaf Awareness Training, the  educational DVD’s or the LearnAuslan app.

Please feel free to contact Darren – theauslancompany@gmail.com (or  text only 0477 979 748) for any information about any of our Auslan  courses.  We will respond the same day.

We all believe in CARING for one another, being PASSIONATE about what  we teach and using it to create EMPATHY which we a grateful for.

Learning Auslan will open doors you never dreamed of opening.  What is behind your door?

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Refund Policy

  • If a USB does not work properly please return it for a refund and we will replace it free of charge.
  • If a course is cancelled we will notify you and provide you with a full refund to the card you paid with.
  • Refund policy not applicable to online course

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Terms & Conditions

The Auslan Company requires at least 10 people to enrol in a course for it to go ahead (except for USB / online course).  In the event that the course is cancelled for any reason then a full refund will be made back to the card used to pay for the course.  If people want to cancel their place in the course then they must provide 7 days notice.  However there will be situations that cannot be avoided so The Auslan Company will take into consideration your reasons for cancelling in the week prior to the course going ahead.

With the Learn Auslan USB's we provide them pre-loaded with the video. Once your purchase is confirmed we will post out the USB to you. There is no class to go to or minimum enrolment numbers like with face-to-face courses.  In the event that a USB does not work then please inform us and we can offer you a free replacement and you can return the non working USB to us (53 Highland Drive, Pakenham, Vic 3810).

Privacy Policy

All information collected (names, address, mobile numbers) will remain on WeTeachMe database and not shared with anyone else except The Auslan Company's administration team (enrolment details and postage information for USB's) and the course teacher (names of those enrolled in a course). All credit card details are kept securely by WeTeachMe and the information used only to provide for a refund (only Darren can access this information).

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