July ARTCAMP Clay Castles 3HR Ceramics Workshop (Thur 13th)

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Come join in the messy fun of Little Ginger Studio’s July School Holiday 3-hr ART CAMP workshops. Enjoy art-making in a relaxed atmosphere run by professional teachers. All workshops are held in large light-filled spaces conveniently located on Randwick. Workshops are designed for 4-10 year olds and two (2) qualified teachers are present at all times.

On Thursday, 13th July, learn hand-building techniques in air-drying paperclay to create your own fairytale castle. Roll slabs and coils and learn to join them effectively. 

Explore the beautiful “Secret Garden” at the Randwick Literary Institute at morning tea time and collect natural materials to decorate your castle with sticks, stones, leaves and flowers. Create a garden, decorate your castle, build a drawbridge or add other materials such as feathers, string, matchsticks, clay figures and so on. Students are only limited by their imaginations!

Children will also enjoy time for some "Free Clay Play” and can make a second clay artwork of whatever they desire.

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What you will learn
  • How to roll slabs
  • How to create coils
  • How to join clay pieces using the 'score & slip' technique
What you will get
  • Art smocks and all materials provided
  • Warm, friendly and supportive environment
  • A beautiful kid-made castle made from airdrying clay to take home & play with
  • Instruction by professional Art educators Danielle Falk & Felicity Hibble

What to bring
  • Morning tea, a hat & water
What to wear

Casual (Warning: It might get messy)

Appropriate for

Kids 4-10 year old


Little Ginger Studio

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Little Ginger Studio is a Children’s Art Space focused on exploring big, messy creativity with kids of all ages. Our new Randwick studio opened in January - come see what we're making!

We offer process art classes for littlies as well as drop off preschool art classes. For Primary we have exciting after school classes, full day care on the school holidays, birthday parties and even a drop in Kids Creative Club on Saturday mornings. We also run after school programs at Maroubra Junction PS and Randwick PS.

At Little Ginger Studio we love nothing better than exploring new materials, turning recyclables into Art & making a bit of a mess along the way. (Use your Creative Kids voucher with us and save $100!)

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Little Ginger Studio reserves the right to change and / or cancel advertised programming at any time. Bookings will be refunded in full in the case of cancellation. Refunds for term classes are only offered when cancelling before the commencement of term. Refunds, credits or make-up classes for missed classes are not offered. Missed activities (eg clay) will not be repeated because of a missed class. Refunds for School Holiday workshops are only offered if cancelling more than 24hrs prior. LGS accepts no responsibility for classes missed because after care services were not notified via the proper channels. After care services cannot release your child to art class without specific parent permission.

Missed Messy Art Playtime or Art Crafters casual classes will not be refunded. Make up classes for missed MAP or AC term classes are offered on request. 

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Little Ginger Studio reserves the right to change and / or cancel advertised programming at any time. Bookings will be refunded in full in the case of cancellation. Refunds for School Holiday programs are only offered if cancelling more than 72hrs prior. LGS reserves the right to cancel a student's enrolment without notice if their behaviour is too disruptive. Students must be picked up from class and cannot be released alone except via prior arrangement (eg. sms from parent). Photography permission for social media / website / advertising is requested at time of booking. At no time will your child's name be published. Please clearly indicate that you do not wish your child to be photographed or else permission will be assumed. LGS reserves the right to employ fewer than advertised staff if enrolments are low. Students and parents are responsible for picking up any artworks if the last class of the term is missed. Leftover artworks will not be stored for longer than a month. Parents are responsible for communicating any student special needs to LGS prior to day of workshop / class and supplying adequate medicines & treatment plans if needed. This may include for example: asthma puffers, antihistamines, Epipens. Please do not send your child to a class if they are unwell. LGS will endeavour to provide a safe environment at all times - however, from time to time we may use materials that can cause minor injuries (scissors, hot glue guns, hobby electrics, paper cuts!). Parents retain ultimate responsibility for deciding whether their child is mature enough to partake in certain activities. Please do not book your child into a workshop you think they will struggle with. Students should also accept some personal responsibility for sensible use of materials. Please be assured all effort will be taken to ensure your child is happy, well and enjoys their art making experience!

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17 July 2017 • July ARTCAMP Clay Castles 3HR Ceramics Workshop...

My 6 year old son loved this class. The clay castle he made is now dry and all the decorations have stayed on - a fact he delights in sharing with all visitors to the home! He had a great day at art camp with his kind, warm and fun art teachers and enjoyed the company of a small group of other kids. Highly recommended.