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Lizrated it
20 Jun 2022
This is my third workshop here at Oxart and I have quickly found this to be my happy place. Clare and Ox (Ian) are amazingly knowledgeable, laid back in their approach. These workshops are wonderfully self guided. What do you want to learn? What do you want to be able to do? Use these two hour sessions like building blocks to work through phases of creating multiple projects!
Julierated it
20 Jun 2022
Monday classes are great, you can make anything you like in a friendly relaxed studio with great equipment and great teacher.
Hollyrated it
19 Jun 2022
This class was amazing, we booked for our whole family for a Mother’s Day present. Couldn’t have been more hands on and the instructor helped each of us to improve our technique. The class went by way to quickly, would return in a heartbeat for more!
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OXART pottery
Member since 2019
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From  Studio’s in Taradale and Darley, Oxart produces a wide variety of pottery products and operates a vibrant pottery school. The range of functional pottery items produced is designed to be used on a daily basis, mugs, plates, platters and teapots are just a few of the items.

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