Still Life Acrylic Painting with Barbara Bateman

Acrylic Painting for beginners to advanced

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Learn to use a variety or acrylic mediums and techniques to achieve particular effects e.g wet on wet, opaque painting, plastic properties, gel medium, retarders and texture paste.

Barbara Bateman is an accomplished artist and one that we have had exhibit with us at Quadrant Gallery before. Barbaras work is widely admired and her style is distinct, to see the range of works she has produced as well as some further information about her see her website here: http://barbarabateman.com/

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What you will learn
  • Key acrylic painting techniques
  • Different painting techniques to achieve specific effects
  • Composition
What you will get
  • An understanding of acrylic painting techniques
  • Key knowledge taught from an experienced artist and teacher
  • A painting of your own at the end of the class

What to bring
  • Paints: 1.Cadmium Red Medium 2.Orange 3.Cadmium Yellow Light 4.Yellow Ochre 5. Quinacridone Red Violet or Magenta 6. Phthalo Blue (red shade) 7. Ultramarine Blue 8. Raw Umber 9. Lamp or Mars Black 10. Titanium White
  • Brushes: ​No. 3 Round Sable, No. 6 Round Soft Synthetic, No. 10 Flat Soft Synthetic, - 1 Medium Diamond Shaped Painting Knife - A palette, either plastic or paper. - Water Sponge - Old credit card for scraping
  • Surfaces: - Watercolour paint sketchbook suitable for acrylic paint ​- 1 small gesso canvas board (6x8in) - Cotton rags - Ruler - Roll of Gladwrap - 2B lead pencil - Eraser - Scissors/stanley knife - 8 plastic spoons - Several water pots/ plastic cups - 1 hand spray bottle
  • Just your interest to learn!
What to wear

Casual (Warning: This might get messy)

Appropriate for

This class is suitable for any skill level.


Quadrant Gallery

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Quadrant Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Hawthorn. The gallery has a lovely ambience and has very good exposure to Barkers Road, with close proximity to nearby restaurants and cafes. We are located near the corner of Church Street and opposite the Kew Tram Depot.

Our aim is to show an exciting, interesting mix of art in all mediums and to promote and nurture the artists represented by the gallery, we will provide the best atmosphere in which to present the works of a stimulating and innovative range of artists and curators.

The whole gallery provides approx. 42 lm of hanging space including the movable wall. This space can be divided into 3 areas as required for exhibitions. The average ceiling height is 2.8m. We also have excellent systems for hanging, lighting and sound, which enhance each exhibition. 

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In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund or credit.

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25 November 2017 • Still Life Acrylic Painting with Barbara Bateman

Barbara exposed us to a variety of painting mediums and techniques. She has outstanding knowledge of how these mediums react with paint as well as excellent colour mixing understanding. Overall a great, enjoyable workshop.