Expressive Watercolour Class with Tony Walker

What to Bring

  • Palette – A plastic palette about 300mm square that has a fitting lid and about 12 deep wells and a mixing area
  • Masking tape, soft (4b) pencils, plastic water container (e.g. honey pot), old towel, tissues, plastic spray bottle
  • Paper – a pad or loose sheets of cold pressed (medium texture) watercolour paper about A4 size, eg Arches, Saunders, Canson. Weight 190gsm is ok, or 300gsm. Cartridge and sketch paper paper are not generally adequate.
  • A board to paint on a bit bigger than your paper size. Thin ply (3 to 5mm) – not Masonite, particle board or plastic etc
  • Paints – preferably tubes. Student grade ok. 3 primaries cadmium red, cobalt blue and cadmium yellow as minimum. Also ultramarine, alizarin and burnt sienna. Colours to add to the palette and colour theory are discussed
  • • Brushes –1 medium size squirrel hair ‘mop’ brush and 1 fine ‘liner’ brush and a small square brush.
  • A small table easel (one that goes down near to flat) or a small block to tilt the board to about 30 degrees slope or a full height easel if you prefer to stand.

What to Wear

  • Casual (Warning: It might get messy)

Appropriate For

  • For those new to the watercolour art or more advanced students.

Expressive Watercolour Class with Tony Walker

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Class on Saturday June 24th from 1.30pm to 4.30pm

What You Will Learn

  • Discover a refreshing approach to the fundamentals and subtleties of the medium.
  • Learn Creative techniques, ideas and approaches and the ability to explore different types of subject matter.
  • Enhance your range of skills, whether you are very new to the watercolour art or more advanced.

What You Get

  • Plenty of individual attention.
  • Video screen displays of demonstration artwork and the painting subject, to enhance communication.


Focus: For those new to the watercolour art or more advanced, Tony Walker’s workshops are a refreshing approach to the medium. They open the way to creative techniques, ideas and approaches and the ability to explore different types of subject matter.This workshop will provide plenty of individual attention for participants. The subject and slides projected for clear view and video screen display of demonstration artwork.

 Developing of skills includes techniques of washes and brushwork, wet-in-wet effect, lost and found edges, tonal values - darks to white paper, creative composition, colour theory, mixing on paper, and drawing. There is guidance regarding pigments, palette, brushes, paper and equipment. You may bring a painting you have done elsewhere if you would like it reviewed. Enjoy the coffee break and discussion during the workshop, and tea and coffee are on hand any time.

What to bring: To get best value for your time, proper materials are important, such as a reputable brand watercolour paper and watercolour brushes. Different materials will be discussed. Note: For this workshop Canson wcolour paper and small brush will be provided. Please bring own gear too as listed.

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May 2017

My first workshop on Watercolours was a great introduction to techniques for effects of mist, waves and one colour layering. I had someone wanting to buy one of my class paintings - so it must have been a successful workshop..

Jan 2017

Although I expected more of the class I still enjoyed it. Tony's approach to watercolour is relaxed and the big screen demonstration is easy to follow.

Jan 2017

I learnt how to work a 'wet edge' and the importance of using good quality paper, Great value for money.