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  • An all hands on class, your own bench, you make it all by yourself, no job sharing.
  • Different cooking techniques to cook sugar and caramel
  • How to make the traditional Turkish delight, no imitation with gelatin or agar agar, simply the real deal.
  • Making the best French nougat
  • Making your own jam, that's very exciting!
  • Making a very scrumptious cookies and cream fudge
  • A full day of hard work, but the reward is worth the sweat. (And as a bonus you are guarantied to sleep well in the evening!)  
  • Explain problems that can be encountered during the making of all those treats  and find solutions.

At the end of the day you will have have learned to make treats to spoil your family for a long time to come!

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What you will learn
  • Different cooking techniques to cook sugar and caramel
  • Process for making your own jam, French nougat, , light cookies n cream chocolate fudge and the traditional Turkish delight (No imitation with gelatin or Agar agar )
  • Problems that can be encountered during the making of all these treats and proper solutions
What you will get
  • These recipes and techniques are the basis of most confectioneries and will give you the knowledge to create a lot of variations from them.
  • Recipe book and apron will be provided at the beginning of the course, for students to keep.
  • Students will take home their products. (I hope you have a sweet tooth!)
Parking Info

Free parking at the front of the school.

What to bring
  • Just your love for the sweet world, your camera and lunch.
What to wear

Wear casual and light clothes, sneakers or shoes with thick sole are recommended.Limit the jewelries.

Appropriate for

Strictly 16 and over, due to the danger associated with caramel and toffee making – open to public and trade.


Sweet Artist Academy

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Welcome to your school.

All our classes are designed for beginners. You will feel at ease in any of the classes with other students of the same baking level as yours.

For all our training courses we use ingredients that will be easy for you to get from your shopping place.

The courses are designed to be delivered in an intensive one-day block. You do not need to book for a series,
The training you will receive is of a very high standard – equal to European standards (without the cost of flying there!) and you will have the opportunity to learn all about Pastry using the latest equipment and techniques direct from Europe. All the courses are designed for trade and public. Most courses do not require any prerequisite – the only requirement is that you are a food fanatic. Also, all the tools are provided, so you won’t need to buy any tools that you may not use again.

To achieve these high standards whilst catering for individual learning, class sizes will range from 4 students (minimum number to run the course) up to a maximum of 7 students, depending on the course.

Courses can be developed and tailored to suit your needs for both individuals and small groups. Instruction, training and/or demonstrations can be done at our premises or we can come to you if you have a sufficient number of students and adequate facilities.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

We understand that last minutes problem do happen or you may have slept in   Don't worry , just send us an email for rebooking, We don't need to know the reason. We want you to attend our class. (you can rebook but we won't refund the class).

We reserve the right to cancel a class if the minimum attendance number is not reached. (Your fee will be refunded or rescheduled, you will get the choice.

Vouchers can be passed on to another person, but cannot be refunded

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Terms & Conditions

Important Health and Safety Information

  • For safety reasons, you will need to be 16 years or older to attend our courses. !4 
  • Our courses are NOT SUITABLE if you are allergic to NUTS or other food ingredients.
  • For health and safety reasons, enclosed shoes must be worn during training. Long hair must be tied back, and avoid wearing loose bracelets or bangles, keep your rings at home.
  • Casual and light clothes are suitable. As you will stand up for a long period of time, snickers or shoes with thick sole are recommended.

You will get a recipe folder and an apron for you to take home. Video recording is not permitted from either phones or other video devices but you are welcome to take as many photos as you like.


  • For a full day course, you will have a 30 minutes lunch break.
  • A dining room is provided for your breaks. Hot and cold drinks will be available free of charge. You will need to bring your own lunch or organise it from a nearby lunch bar.
  • We have ample free parking space in front of our premises. We are located just a 10 min walk from Joondalup train station, in the business park opposite the shopping center. We encourage you to use public transport, we have a free pick up and drop off at the Joondalup train station, organise it in advance.
  • We will not take your photo without asking for your permission first.
  • Vouchers can be passed on to another person, but cannot be refunded.

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23 June 2019 • Confectionery

The Confectionary day was a fantastic course with an amazing teacher. Can’t wait to do another day with Sweet Artist Academy


21 May 2019 • Confectionery

I attended the Confectionery course and really enjoyed it. Patrick was very helpful and made it all very easy...... I took home a great batch of stuff...yummy! Can't wait to do another one of his courses. Ursula (Ireland)


20 May 2019 • Confectionery

A very enjoyable class and a good workout for the arms. I walked out with three kilos of confectionery and two jars of jam. This class wasmy favourite of the three I’ve done so far and I’ll be going back for more.

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