High School Prep: Speech and Confidence Building

Confidence Speech and Drama

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The Speech School is now offering a class just in time to boost your child’s confidence before entering High School through our High School Prep: Speech and Confidence Building Class. Our aim is to develop students' confidence within a variety of settings. Our classes cater for all levels of ability.

( SUPERVISION IS PROVIDED FROM 3PM (SNACK & PLAY). Lessons begin at 3.30pm and finish at 4.30pm. 

Late Bookings: If you wish to enrol after the beginning of the term or would like a free trial class please email The Speech School directly at thespeechschool@gmail.com or https://www.thespeechschool.com.au/ )

 This class will develop skills and confidence through:


* addressing teachers, spoken and written protocols

* group work skills

* dealing with regular speech making in front of the class

* tips on writing, preparing and delivering speeches

* hand gestures, eye contact and speaking stance

* voice projection, pitch, pace and pause

* the benefits of being an engaging and positive teenager

* the benefits of ASKING

 *the benefits of joining a variety of co-curricular activities and clubs

* the benefits of opening up and being themselves

* public transport etiquette

* icebreakers to assist in entering and developing friendship groups

* communication and team building skills

* self-esteem building games and challenges


Positive attitudes entering High School is important and this course will have students feeling great about their High School journey ahead. 

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What you will learn
  • Believe in YOU
What you will get
  • Confidence

What to bring
  • Just your enthusiasm
What to wear

As you are

Appropriate for

Year 5/6


The Speech School

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The Speech School

Our School

The Speech School provides an after school public speaking course to students in Years 2-6. Our weekly classes provide students with ongoing opportunities to learn, practise and refine the art of public speaking in a welcoming, creative and fun environment.

There are a wide range of speaking-based activities and games that will cover the key components of preparing and presenting speeches, delivering prose, poetry, storytelling, debating, monologues, impromptu speeches and theatre skills.

The school caters for everyone and provides time for students to practise and improve the vital skill of public speaking. We aim for these skills to stay with students throughout their school years and their lives.

Our Teachers

Teachers have completed 8th Grade Speech and Drama Trinity College London along with the Speech and Drama Trinity College London Diploma or are studying to do so. Coaches are experienced in debating to Senior School level.

What you can expect

  • Your child’s confidence and attitude towards Public Speaking and general social interaction to improve
  • Successful experiences developing positive attitudes
  • Encourages students to take developmental steps they are comfortable with and doesn’t force fearful speakers
  • Teaches stagecraft awareness including hand gestures, eye contact and speaking stance
  • Uses creative speaking games to help overcome fears and build confidence
  • Holds smaller class sizes which seek to help students feel more comfortable when presenting
  • Teaches how to effectively use voice projection and expression when speaking to an audience
  • Addresses the importance of pitch, pace, pause and emphasis to create an interesting, dynamic speech
  • Gives student feedback to ensure skills develop and progress
  • Provides opportunity to present impromptu and theatre skills
  • Introduces speech writing
  • Introduces basic rules and roles of debating
  • Provides opportunities for team debates
  • Gives practical tools needed to give persuasive presentations
  • The Speech School encourages students to enter and participate in the Speaking Category of the Sydney Eisteddfod should they wish to and facilitates and supports students in their preparations 
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Refund & Cancellation Policy

The Speech School refunds fees in full if prior notice is given before the commencement of the term. 

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Terms & Conditions

The Speech School reserves the right to change advertised programming and price at any time. Refunds for term classes are only offered when cancelling before the commencement of term. Refunds or makeup lessons for missed classes are not offered. The Speech School accepts no responsibility for classes missed because after care services were not notified via the proper channels. After care services cannot release your child to speech class without parent permission each term.

The Speech School reserves the right to cancel a student’s enrolment without notice if their behaviour is too disruptive. Students must be collected from class and cannot be released alone except via written arrangement. Parents are responsible for communicating any student special needs prior to The Speech School classes and supply adequate medical treatment plans if needed. This may include asthma puffers, antihistamines, Epipens. Please do not send your child to class if they are unwell.

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