Cupping Session and Coffee Experience
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Cupping Session and Coffee Experience

Taste a variety of special lots

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1 hour 30 mins
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Discover the Elegance of Coffee: A Tasting Journey

Step into a world where coffee transcends the everyday, akin to the refined experience of a wine tasting, but with a focus on the rich, complex world of coffee. Our bespoke 1.5-hour Coffee Tasting Session invites you to explore the nuanced art of coffee cupping, a method revered by connoisseurs and industry experts alike for its ability to unveil the true essence of coffee, free from bias and full of discovery.

A Wine Tasting, But for Coffee

Just as wine tasting guides you through the subtleties of terroir, varietal, and vinification, our coffee-tasting journey illuminates the intricate process from bean to cup. Imagine swirling wine in a glass; now, picture the ritual of coffee cupping—slurping coffee from a spoon to aerate it, mingling it perfectly with air to release its full spectrum of flavours and aromas. This is where the magic of coffee comes to life, in a ritual that celebrates its complexity, heritage, and the myriad of tastes it offers.

Embark on a Coffee Adventure

Under the expert guidance of our passionate trainers, you'll delve into the cupping process, learning to identify and articulate the diverse profiles of coffee. Discover the differences between beans from various regions, understand how cultivation methods influence flavour, and see firsthand how these elements combine to create the coffee you love.

As the session progresses, your favourite coffees from the cupping will be transformed into pour-over brews. This step will reveal how the distinct notes identified during cupping translate into a finished cup, offering a hands-on comparison and a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each sip.

Tailored for You

Our session is perfectly sized for up to 8 participants, making it ideal for individual enthusiasts or small groups. It's an intimate, enjoyable, and informative way to connect with friends or colleagues over the shared love of coffee. If you've ever relished the depth and ritual of wine tasting, you'll find a familiar joy in the discovery and delight of our coffee tasting experience.

For Larger Groups

If you’re looking to accommodate a larger party, we’re here to make it happen. Contact us at for more information. Let's craft an unforgettable coffee experience tailored just for you.

Join the Journey

Whether you're a seasoned coffee aficionado or new to the world of coffee cupping, our Coffee Tasting Session is a unique opportunity to see coffee through a new lens. It's not just tasting; it's an exploration, a celebration, and a journey through the rich tapestry of coffee culture, reminiscent of the cherished tradition of wine tastings but through the vibrant, aromatic world of coffee. Book your spot today and transform your understanding and enjoyment of coffee, one cup at a time.


Cancellation and Refund Policy – Because Life Happens!

At ONA Coffee, we understand that sometimes life throws unexpected surprises your way. Our cancellation and refund policy is designed to be fair, flexible, and in line with the Australian Consumer Law and the Fair Trading Act 1992 (ACT). Here's the lowdown:

1. Refunds with More Than 48 Hours' Notice:

- Good news! If you let us know more than 48 hours before your class kicks off, we’ll give you a full refund for the class fee. The only thing we can't refund is any account fees that may have tagged along.

2. No Refunds within 48 Hours:

- Within 48 hours of the class starting? No worries, but unfortunately, we can't swing a refund your way. Life happens, and we totally get it.

3. Class Transfer within 48 Hours:

- Need to shuffle things around within 48 hours of your class? We've got you covered! You can transfer to another class, but there's a tiny $50 admin fee that helps us keep things running smoothly.

4. How to Switch Things Up:

- Drop us a line via email at to make any refund or transfer requests. Just include your full name, class details, and why you need to make a change.

5. We're Human Too – Exceptional Circumstances:

- We know life isn't always black and white. If something way out of the ordinary happens, talk to us. We're here to help, and we'll do our best to work things out with you.

6. If We Mess Up:

- In the rare event that we have to cancel a class, you're getting a full refund – class fee and any account fees included.

7. Give Us a Heads Up:

- Remember, for any cancellations or transfer requests to be valid, we need to hear from you before the class starts.

By jumping into our classes, you're agreeing to these friendly terms. We might tweak things now and then, but we'll always keep you in the loop.

Questions? Just reach out! We're here for you.


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What you will learn

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  • A good time

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Coffee is our passion. As one of Australia’s most highly regarded specialty roasters, we’ve always had one simple goal: creating the best and most sustainable coffee in the world.

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Bessierated it
04 Apr 2024
This coffee tasting or “cupping” session was literary one of the most enjoyable, unexpected and interesting experiences we had on our Canberra trip. Our host was really knowledgeable about coffee and my husband and I learned so much! Tasting all the coffees from around the world was just an experience you could not get anywhere else. This is a MUST if you love coffee or want to know more about what goes into what you drink at a local cafe!
Winnierated it
18 Mar 2024
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Kathleenrated it
04 Feb 2024
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Cancellations & Refunds

If the organiser cancels the class:

You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

You’re welcome to send someone in your place.


  • A refund can be requested 2 days before class starts. An admin fee of AU$50.00 applies.

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Terms & Conditions

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If you wish to transfer to another course or cancel your booking, you must contact ONA Coffee via email more than 48 hours' prior to course commencement, for a course refund (please note you will forfeit the $5.80 booking fee!!)

Alternatively if you still choose to transfer or cancel your course within the 48 hours before class commencement there is a $50 admin fee.


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