Get Your Crochet Skills to the Next Level

Get Your Crochet Skills to the Next Level

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • A three hour class that will cover lots of topics and stitches that will develop your crochet practice
  • Learn different tools to make your own projects at home
  • Tips about where to get crochet patterns and the importance of working with good quality materials

What You Get

  • Yarn and Crochet Hook to keep and work with in class plus lots of new crochet skills!


This crochet class is aimed at students who have rusty - basic crochet skills and want to take their skills to the next level. We will revise how to do chain and basic stitches, then move on to learning how to read patterns, make crochet lace and crochet cables (3D stitches). The class will also discuss how to adapt stitches to a body shape, where you will gain fashion design tips.Whatever your skill level, you are going to have some fun and improve your crochet practice.

About Isa Catepillán

I wove on and off since I was a little kid, but I stopped doing it for long time. I reconnected with it 3 years ago and I re-fell in love straight away - not just with the value of making one of a kind beautiful things by hand, but also for many other reasons like the simplicity of the tools, the fact of keeping tradition and all the health benefits (just to mention a few).I design and make Crochet Wedding Dresses by hand, full time. After I started my business, I discovered that on the island my ancestors come from, every single woman knits, weaves or crochets, and they have been doing it for many generations. I felt deeply touched by the understanding of why I do what I do. Since then, every time I crochet I feel connected with my lineage and with my own truth and this is the main reason why I committed to do it always with love and for love, and to share this knowledge every time I can.

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