Revive Presents: Tailor Fit

What to Bring

  • 2-3 items that need some work
  • If replacing any missing or broken components bring one that best matches the original
  • If adding any extra trimmings (lace, buttons, etc) bring them along

What to Wear

  • Casual

Revive Presents: Tailor Fit

About This Class

What You Get

  • Access to basic repairs materials (thread, needles, scissors, seam ripper)
  • Pro guidance and skills to tackle your alteration dilemma
  • Access to sewing machines and over lockers as needed


In conjunction with the Brisbane City Council's sustainability project 'Revive', we present Tailor Fit, a free sustainable fashion workshop that helps you give your old wardrobe a new life!

Do you have any clothes that you love the look of but for some reason they don’t fit or flatter? Maybe the straps are too long, the sides are too baggy or the neckline doesn’t sit quite right, buttons are missing, the zips are broken or there’s a tear somewhere.  Whatever it is, chances are with a little nip and tuck you can claim this item back from the ‘I like it but, if it was just a bit more…’ hanger and back on the streets for you to rock with confidence.


  • We will take a look at the items you brought and work first on the one you most want fixed or that you can most confidently fix with guidance
  • Feel free to bring along your own repair sewing kit or sewing machine if you want advice on using


I’ve been a maker since forever, spending many childhood afternoons mesmerised over DIY books and attempting to recreate them with whatever I could get my hands on. Fast forward another 20 years or so, I had a close call with a civil engineering degree before, saying f*k it and getting formally trained with a Diploma of Applied Fashion at TAFE and a Bachelor of Industrial Design at uni. Whilst I love working in the field, I also love teaching the skills that take mere ideas into reality, it’s like making magic right in front of your eyes!


Discover pre-loved fashion at Revive, a pop up fashion festival in the South Bank Cultural Forecourt, on Friday 19 August from 2-8pm.

Shop from Brisbane’s best revived clothing stalls, enjoy fashion parades and live entertainment, join a free sewing workshop, speak to onsite stylists and dine from ten of the city’s favourite food trucks.

Reviving your wardrobe with second-hand fashion is fun, creative and good for the environment.

Presented by Brisbane City Council for a clean, green and sustainable city.

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