IKEA Hacks: Upholstered Stools

What to Bring

  • A piece of fabric approximately 60cm square to finish your stool, or a bit more if you have a specific design placement in mind.

IKEA Hacks: Upholstered Stools

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • How to turn your everyday, mass produced stool into a unique piece of furniture!
  • You'll learn the techniques to attach foam to achieve that perfect rounded shape

What You Get

  • A stool
  • Foam, dacron, calico and dust cover and decorative buttons
  • All the tools you need!


Are you ready for the ultimate DIY workshop?!  Are you ready to turn that plain, uninspiring, mass produced stool into a seriously stylish piece of upholstered goodness!?

In this fun two hour workshop we will teach you how to upholster your stool top, you'll learn the techniques to attach foam to achieve that perfect rounded shape, and have the opportunity to add decorative elements, adding a handmade touch to your now one of a kind piece of furniture!

The skills and techniques you’ll learn in this workshop will allow you to add this upholstered style top to other furniture pieces such as dining chairs, bench seats, toy boxes and more!  You may even decide to upholster a set of stools to use around a dining table... the opportunities are endless!

About Home Industry...

HOME INDUSTRY is a vintage furniture & bespoke soft furnishings store developed from a love of ‘how-to’ for the home and is the creation of sisters Simone and Martine Kilo.

We offer a unique custom made service to create locally handmade homewares and interior products, along with restored vintage and re-upholstered furniture.

With over 20 years experience in furniture and homewares retailing and textile design and production, we have been running Upholstery workshops for the past 4 years, sharing our knowledge of these old school crafts.

We have created this upholstered stool hack especially for Work-Shop which will teach you some fundamentals of basic upholstery as well as give you a range of skills to try your hand at more upholstered pieces at home.


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