Ice Alchemy: Make healthier ice cream at home!

Ice Alchemy: Make healthier ice cream at home!

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to create healthy versions of your favourite snack!

What You Get

  • A tasting of a few of Page’s readymade recipes
  • A 500g serving of your freshly made ice cream to take home and freeze
  • A tasting of a few of Page’s readymade recipes


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!! (but kinda wanna avoid having to go to the gym too...)

So.. we wanna show you how to make guilt free ice cream!!!!

Ice cream is one of life’s sweetest pleasures... In this fun and tasty workshop, you will learn to create a simpler and healthier version of ice cream under the guidance of dietician and published author, Page Thody.

In service of her patients over the years, Page has been asked countless times to suggest healthier alternatives to sweets. This culminated in the release of ‘An Ode To Ice Cream’, Page’s contribution to the art of making a healthier home-made ice cream.

About Page Thody...

Page Thody is a Dietitian working in general practice clinics in Sydney.

As a Master of Dietetics and a Naturopathic Nutritionist, her interest in food and nutrition extends beyond its health benefits and medicinal properties. She has developed an understanding of the history of recipes, agriculture and food technologies, and of the cultural influences on food and diet.

She loves creating food from scratch, and wants to share the message that good food is not only essential to well-being, it is usually easier to make than most people believe.

Page is widely travelled. After having lived in Africa, Europe and the British Isles, she is currently based in Sydney.

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Apr 2017

Great class. Had fun making ice cream. Very instructive and learned a lot. Tried some of the recipes at home and it works wonderfully. Still waiting on the instructor to send some recipes through email.

Apr 2017

Learnt that I can make lovely ice cream without too much sugar easily. The suggestions for flavours were imaginative and I would not have thought of most of these before. Also learnt about the history of ice cream and how knowledge of its making was transferred from one part of the globe and one culture to another. I would certainly recommend the class to others. Good informative instructor. Well organised and interesting presentation. Excellent value. Highlight was the tasting of course!

Dec 2016

We learnt how to make healthy nutritious ice cream. The presenter was very informative.i would recommend this workshop to people who Really wanted to improve their health n lifestyle