Orgasmic Raw Chocolate

What to Bring

  • Your passion for all things Chocolate!
  • Any chocolate/silicon moulds you have at home if you’d like to use them

What to Wear

  • light, comfortable clothing

Orgasmic Raw Chocolate

About This Class

What You Get

  • A handful of raw chocolates to take home if you don’t eat them all!
  • Container to carry chocolates
  • A recipe book full of delicious raw treats.


Do you get that craving for something sweet after lunch or dinner and turn to any sugar-laden treat in sight?

Does it satisfy you, or do you just regret it?

Come and learn how to make super simple, nourishing, raw chocolates made with organic ingredients and infused with therapeutic grade essential oils, which will nourish, satisfy and fulfil you.

Learn about the the health benefits of the ‘superfood’ Cacao and how to use essential oils in raw food and touch on also using them in you life for health and wellbeing.

You’ll be heading home a step by step recipe and skills to whip up your own healthy, yummy, essential oil infused raw organic chocolate. Everyone will receive a recipe booklet full of other incredible raw treats you can try at home!


Joey is a wellness advocate and founder of ‘Essentially Me’, providing information and inspiration on the practical uses of essential oils in everyday life. Three years ago Joey’s second child was diagnosed with celiac disease. This kickstarted her passion for healthy eating, and the wellness journey that followed.

Essential oils have become a huge part of this journey and passion. Joey incorporates essential oils into almost every part of her life; replacing most products in her home with easy to make chemical free solutions, adding essential oils into her cooking to give a boost of flavour, and supporting her families health both physically and emotionally. Come along to some of Joey’s interactive workshops, which all incorporate the use of essential oils, and be inspired by her practical tools in creating a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

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Apr 2017
Orgasmic Raw Chocolate - 12 Apr 2017 6:30 PM

Such an absolute blast! Mind blown by what you can make and also by the goodness of esstentiak oils