Natural Soap Making (Brisbane)

What to Bring

  • We have a cafe conveniently located on sight so you can grab coffee and lunch, otherwise you’re welcome to bring a lunch to keep you going

What to Wear

  • casual

Natural Soap Making (Brisbane)

About This Class

What You Get

  • The knowledge of how to make gorgeous soap, anytime you want
  • You’ll take home approx. 1 kg of natural handmade soap (about 10 chunks)
  • You can choose to make a soothing honey & oatmeal soap in class or a fantastic charcoal soap for mild exfoliation & detox


You’ll learn how to make your very own natural soap from scratch – the traditional way.  In fact 1kg of Soap!! That’s about 10 bars of pure bliss.

You choose what kind of soap you’d like to make, and we’ll help you do it using natural oils and ingredients that are beneficial to your skin.

All of the equipment and all of the ingredients are supplied. We give you detailed instruction to take home as well, about how to make soap and while you’re here you’ll be making your own using the traditional cold process method of making soap, so that you can achieve the same result once you go home.

This is a timeless art that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.  So if you’ve always wanted to make your own soap – the way that grandma did, this is the class for you.

Our aim is to empower you to make bath and body care products that are sustainable, using natural ingredients.  This particular class is our most popular and we’re sure you’ll have a great day at this educational, fun workshop.  Why not book for a friend as well?


I’m Yvonne Cowell, the proud owner of this business that I share with my family, I love sharing my experiences and ultimately helping others on a similar journey.  I’ve been so engrossed in my soap making business, that it’s taken an enormous toll on my sanity, as many of you will relate too.  I’m not shy to say that over the years I’ve met some ‘characters’, some good, and some I’d really rather forget.  It’s been such an eye opener.  I began running my business from home, formerly known as ‘Bayside Crafts’ way back in 1994, wow that seems like so long ago, now since 2009 we’re proudly known as one of the BEST soap making businesses in Australia.  We’re very proud, an empowering journey where we ‘unlike others’ enjoy teaching others how to make their own natural soap, bath and body care products.  People love this journey and very soon look to other household products that can be made with the same simple ingredients.  I’ve been very lucky to be my own boss, work my own hours and share what I know with others along the way, it’s all about a lifestyle choice that I call, a hobby.

The problem? There is just nowhere for people to learn?  I mean to really be shown how to make something, see, feel, smell.  That’s why people just love us, we care and share what others feel is ‘secret information’.  Why?  I’m not too sure, soap making is after all a very traditional timeless craft that grandma did, right?  Wrong.  It’s become a very competitive craft, people can be so downright ‘nasty’.  I’ve experienced this first hand.  I just don’t understand this and probably am just plain naive to this type of behaviour.

What I do know is that one needs to master the art of ‘how to make’ and then make it ‘theirs’.  I mean that in the best of ways – to be successful, your work must be unique.  Yours!  It’s all very well to take a book and follow a natural soap recipe – but that’s not your recipe is it?  That’s where I like to help.  Showing you how to make it yours – is a whole different storey.  If you want to truly succeed – this is what I’ll show you.  This is me – an open book, that I will share.

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