Jenie Yolland

Jenie Yolland

Richmond, VIC 3121
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Hi there, I'm so excited to meet you and thanks for booking into this workshop! I look forward to seeing you soon! This'll be fun!!! jenie

5.0 (73 reviews)
Liadanrated it
08 Jun 2023
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Sarahrated it
06 May 2023
Jenie has created a safe, warm place to foster creativity. Jenie provides plenty of time to practice and to be creative with just the right amount of instruction. A lovely afternoon of fun.
Karrenrated it
30 Mar 2023
Great afternoon, Jenie was so generous with her knowledge and exploration of the use of alcohol ink. I came away from the class with many art pieces that I can frame. There was a fantastic choice of colours and freedom to explore, adding some sparkle with the metallic powders. I will be continuing to explore this media.
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About Jenie Yolland

Jenie Yolland
Member since 2016
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I’m like a kid in a lolly shop.  I am endlessly impressed and inspired – by the work of others, by colours and textures, by everything around me, man-made and natural! 

There’s so much to see, to interpret into glass!  I love it all. I love sharing it with everyone – that’s why I run workshops – it makes me happy and its my hope that some of this joy spills over to you.

Ultimately, I am sharing love. The love of life the joy of playing in my studio. Share it with me.


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