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Hi there, I'll not run your class if I have any flu symptoms. The room will be ventilated as well as possible. Please let me know if you have ANY Covid symptoms or positive test in the last 14 days and I'll hold your spot for another class at a future date (7 days after you have a negative covid result.) Only vaccinated people can book into my workshops in 2022. Please send your vaccination cert. to 0409 899 900. See you soon. j Thank you.
Alcohol Ink Workshop for Absolute Beginners!

Alcohol Ink Workshop for Absolute Beginners!

Alcohol Inks, Blob Art - purely for the fun of it!

Next Available: Thu, 15 Dec 2:30PM (AEDT)
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3 hours


Alcohol Ink - 101 Your introduction to Alcohol Inks and all the fun you can have!

During this ridiculously fun and easy 3 hour workshop you will learn a little about alcohol inks and the exciting things you can create with them.

Ever seen kids playing with paint and ink with abandon? This is just like that, but for grown ups!

You'll see the ink play on specially-created "yupo" paper and also on glass.  You'll make three different designs on this special paper by dropping ink on it! And then the fourth piece you'll make will be on glass.  It's so amazing.  You simply won't believe how fabulous this stuff is and how simply you can make amazing art!

Its mezmerising watching it swirl, run and explode when mixed with the pure alcohol on the surface of the paper.

Please wear a warm short of top, as Alcohol Inks are a little smelly, so we’ll be keeping the space well ventilated during this workshop.  And please don’t wear your best clothes, this is a messy (but delightful!) art form.

You'll leave with one of your masterpieces framed and ready to hang in your home or to give to a friend as a gift which will be treasured for a lifetime.

Included in the cost is:

  • all the advice and help I can share
  • everything you need
  • a wide selection of alcohol inks and lustres (glittery bits!)
  • everything you'll need -  disposable gloves, brushes, alcohol solutions,
  • use of my Studio tools as required
  • Yopu paper
  • glass for your artwork
  • the box frame for your final design

This workshop offers you - and maybe your bestie? - an enjoyable experience in a creative, fun and safe environment where you’ll produce a beautiful, original framed alcohol ink piece to keep.

If you can't see a date to suit you and your friends, please email us and we will create a date to suit your diary and ours.  (Some of the images that you see here were taken during an Alcohol Ink event at a Hen's Weekend - they had a few glasses of wine, too.)

I run this workshop from 2 locations, my private studio in Swan Street Richmond and at "345AC" in Mont Albert.  I can even run this workshop in your location as well if you like: it's a great team-building exercise.

Should you want to make something bigger than the Yupo Paper please let me know and I'll purchase some larger boards on your behalf.

You can see a 40cm x 40cm board finished here. If you'd like to make a larger piece on a board lease let me know 2 weeks before your workshops, as I need to order and collect the boards for you - glass@jenieyolland.com. A small extra cost will be levied.

I'll email you by return email the prices and sizes of boards available: there are actually loads of sizes and shapes in both black and white for you to choose from.  Apparently triangles will be available sometime during 2021, but at the moment you can have squares, rectangles and circles.

During the workshop I'll take photographs of you for my social media, if you don't want this to happen just let me know.

If you'd like to bring alcoholic or other refreshments or nibbles to this workshop - that'll be fine, assuming you are over 18 years of age.


For the moment only with people who are fully vaccinated can attend my classes. (I have 2 family members who are in the "at risk" category) so please be aware of this before you book. I am fully vaccinated and boosted as of December 2021. We adhere to the Covid19 rules of the day. If you have been unwell please call me and we'll find another date for you when you are well again.


If you'd like to organize a workshop with more friends at your location or here at Swan Street Studios, please feel free to get in touch, it'll be easy and fun to arrange this with you. It's a great team building exercise and a fabulous way to catch up with family and friends

If you don't see a time and date that suits you here please email me and we will add a new date that suits you.

Just let me know.

I look forward to seeing you soon and introducing this amazing craft/art to you.

You’ll love this workshop!

I can't wait to play with Alcohol Inks with you!


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What you will learn

  • about alcohol inks and the fun you can have
  • Basic skills required to make a framed work with alcohol ink

What you will get

  • Everything to make 3 works on paper
  • an introduction to alcohol inks
  • Use of all the appropriate studio tools
  • a fun time doing something different
  • your finished alcohol ink piece framed in a box frame to take home
Parking Info

Getting here: 

Car parks are surprisingly easy to find around our studios.  We are on the intersection of Swan Street, and Bendigo Street, Richmond. 

You can often park right outside - fortunately we are at the quiet end of Swan Street.

Remember there are Clearways in Swan Street, Richmond.

According to Google, there’s a 6-minute walk from Burnley Railway Station to 550 Swan Street (its 450 metres away). 

Tram 70 stops a few metres from our front door. 

Ring me when you get here if the downstairs door is locked, (mostly it opens automatically).  My studio is upstairs so you need to be able to walk upstairs safely.  

What to bring

  • Just yourself and your enthusiasm!
  • clothes that can get marked with ink (this isn't a clean exercise).
  • a friend to try this with - maybe?

What to wear

Please wear older clothes and or apron, its messy; also its smelly so be aware of that too!

Appropriate for

Absolute Beginners Workshop - Level 1 - Everyone - you need to be able to cope with smelly inky environments.

Jenie Yolland

(70 Reviews)

I’m like a kid in a lolly shop.  I am endlessly impressed and inspired – by the work of others, by colours and textures, by everything around me, man-made and natural! 

There’s so much to see, to interpret into glass!

I love it all. I love sharing it with everyone – that’s why I run workshops – it makes me happy and its my hope that some of this joy spills over to you as well.

I love my job.

You too can create graphic Mondrian-inspired bowls and platters and feminist invoking “Break The Glass Ceiling” pendants, brooches and sometimes earrings in these workshops.  You can create an artwork for your walls in the fabulous Heart Art Class. 

I love the clash of sometimes crazy and sometimes controlled geometry, that can see in my Paris Elegance series with its DNA centre design element. I suspect they indulge both the conservative and bold characteristics within. 

The relationship between the glass elements in each piece means no two pieces are exactly alike, much as no story is ever retold in exactly the same way, so is every piece of glass you create in a workshop. You can truly say, no-one else, anywhere, has one quite like it!  You'll also remember that giving a Gift Voucher is another uniuqe gift that expresses the value of your unique friendship.

Ultimately, I am sharing love. The love of life. Share it with me? 


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5.0 (1 review)
helenrated it
18 Aug 2022Alcohol Ink Workshop for Absolute Beginners!
Thanks Jenie for a fabulous afternoon. I loved the workshop and have a beautiful picture to hang on the wall. Can’t wait to come back again. Cheers. Helen

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