Flirt Academy

What to Bring

  • Pen and Paper, and an open mind!

What to Wear

  • Casual

Flirt Academy

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • How to break the ice with a stranger
  • How to keep the small talk flowing
  • How to talk to someone you fancy.

What You Get

  • Vino upon arrival
  • Option to purchase a signed copy of Sue’s “Flirt Diva” book for each participant
  • A night of fun, laughter & new skills and friends. Perfect pre-Friday night preparations!



Wouldn’t recognise a flirt signal if it punched you in the nose? Fed up with getting tongue-tied when you’re talking to Mr. Freakin’ Oh-My-God? If that sounds like you, then look no further. When it comes to learning new skills in flirting and body language to improve your love life, acclaimed author and flirt expert Sue Ostler has designed a workshop to help you do just that.

Working with the premise that most things in life function better with a plan, the plan that you’ll find here focuses on the key elements of flirting and confidence: Positive Body Language, Strong Eye-Contact and of course, The Art of Banter


  • How to break the ice with a stranger
  • How to keep the small talk flowing
  • How to talk to someone you fancy.
  • How to dish out the 3C’s: Confidence, Cheekiness and Charm
  • Sashay away at the end of the night with slinky new techniques designed to strengthen day-to-day social and romantic skills and refer back to the Flirt-Diva workbook.


Relevant to women aged between 20 – 40. You might be single, but don’t have to be. This course is designed to boost confidence, self-esteem with practical, tangible tip, tricks and titbits!

Make 2015 your year to get loved up!


International Author, Coach and Consultant, Sue Ostler has travelled the world in her mission to help both men and women get more out of their single phase and – be the best they can be! Try one of her courses to see how it can change your life!

Vodka & Chocolate Therapy was founded on Valentine’s Day in 2002. Offering courses, workshops, events, seminars and one-to-one consultations tailored around personal confidence – how to get it and how to keep it!

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