Let's talk about S.E.X

Let's talk about S.E.X

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of female pleasure anatomy and female pleasure
  • Discover YOUR sexual footprint

What You Get

  • Get ready for a great night :)


Your sexuality is an integral part of your wellbeing. We know that for women, sexuality is a very complex makeup of personal history, biology, knowledge, movement and self-expression.

In this workshop you will learn fundamentals regarding the female pleasure anatomy, the capabilities of a woman’s body in relation to orgasm and feeling pleasure and you’ll also discover what it means to fully inhabit your sexuality. It is important to understand too that your sexual fingerprint is an ongoing process of discovery and you are capable of anything.

Simply recognizing that you deserve pleasure, and that it is possible for you to see and feel pleasure everywhere and in everything, is the first and really accessible step to a better sex life.

From there, it’s about harnessing your sexuality to be a vital life force!

Lucky for all of us science and ancient sexuality practices are at a beautiful intersection societally. This workshop will give you better ways to access your sexual life-force and be a better lover.

About Vanessa ...

Vanessa loves love. Founder of Mia Muse (www.miamuse.com) a women-centric sex & wellness business and a yoga teacher, Vanessa has been studying sexology and working with women to feel comfortable, confident and engaged in their sexuality for the past 8 years. Her personal practice is a fusion of yoga and sexuality, where she enjoys exploring her boundaries and feels it’s her duty to constantly push, flow and evolve..... http://miamuse.com/

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