Leap Into A Career You Love

What to Bring

  • A notepad/laptop to take notes

What to Wear

  • Casual

Leap Into A Career You Love

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • overcome the fear associated with making a career leap
  • clarify what your leap could look like and the options available
  • kick start your leap the very next day connect with like minds to support you in your leap


The Sunday evening blues has become like an old friend that turns up at the end of a great weekend. This feeling of being stuck and dissatisfied has been bubbling within for some time. From the outside looking in some may say you’ve got it all going on but you find yourself questioning whether what you now have is making you happy.

You don’t have all the answers on what the future should look like but you know the current state is no longer an option. Happiness for you manifests in a lifestyle. A lifestyle driven by passion, flexibility, positive impact, connection and exploration.

You’re ready to create change that makes you jump out of bed each day but you need a kindred spirit to help you create the space for clarity and turn the fog of ideas into a meaningful plan of action.

Leap Into A Career You Love is a proven transformative workshop dedicated to kick starting a plan that will move you towards your happy. We will work the overwhelm and ideas and turn them into a simple strategy supported by tangible actions. You will walk away buzzing and empowered to start building your possible the next day.


70 per cent of Australians are either ambivalent or completely disengaged in their work, costing our economy an estimated $54.8 billion per annum. (Gallup 2013)Penny Locaso is fast establishing herself as a purpose driven game changer with a bold vision to disrupt these saddening statistics by empowering 10,000 women to make positive change that enables happiness by 2020.With almost 20 years experience leveraging change and collaboration to empower others to find happiness Penny has more recently founded bkindred.com.au: facilitated a national event series enabling over 500 women in 2016 to initiate change, Co –Founded The FBOMB Show, changing the conversation for women in business, with a reach in excess of 11,000 and been published and quoted in the likes of Huffington Post, StartUp Smart, Smarter Magazine, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald & NZ Entrepreneur.

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Apr 2017
Leap Into A Career You Love - 04 Apr 2017 6:30 PM

Penny was fantastic - real, clear, giving of her knowledge and time, and warm. I thought it was excellent value for what we learned and were able to take away. It was enough of a workshop for us to get a real foothold on changes we wanted to make, but not too much that I felt overwhelmed and frozen from action. Highly recommended - the space was really cool too.

Apr 2017
Leap Into A Career You Love - 04 Apr 2017 6:30 PM

I learnt that I can start to take steps to discovering what makes me happy and align my career with that. I have come away from the workshop with Penny with a list of resources to refer to. It was great taking part in this workshop with like-minded people and to hear Penny's story and for her to share her wisdom with us all.