How To Sauna Like a Boss

What to Bring

  • Water bottle (no hat no play – everyone bring a water bottle)
  • Swimmers/shorts for the sauna (everyone must wear swimmers)
  • 1 x large towel (for drying), 1 x small towel (for sitting or headwrapping)
  • Fresh socks and undies for afterwards
  • Maybe a notepad for the opening lecture if anyone is keen
  • BYO a couple of bevies if you'd like (we mean a couple, we ain't hosting your 21st). Only tinnies- no glass.

What to Wear

  • Swimmers/shorts for the sauna (everyone must wear swimmers)

How To Sauna Like a Boss

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the history and culture of the sauna
  • Learn how to use the sauna to relax and meditate (and getting sweaty af)
  • Learn to get the blood pumping and have a reasonable cardio work-out

What You Get

  • Mobile sauna tent, changing tent, wood to burn and everything included
  • Light refreshments to keep hydrated


Sauna is a healthy, fun, and very social activity. But if you are Australian, chances are you don’t know much about it. This is your chance to learn!

If you think sauna is just sitting in a hot room in order to sweat, you’re wrong – and you’ll be surprised how good it feels. Sauna is super relaxing, and it even gives you a reasonable cardio work-out: it’s like exercise, mediation, and yoga rolled into one – and all you have to do is sit there! Add the great social factor, and you have a genuinely unique experience.

 This class is being run by ASBA, the Australian Sweat Bathing Association, a national not-for-profit that is building “A New Australian Sauna Culture”. ASBA only registered in 2016, so we are completely new, but we’ve already become a member of the International Sauna Association (est. 1956). This workshop is ASBA’s first ever public outreach project – you can be part of something special. All proceeds will go to supporting ASBA’s foundation campaign, which will be explained during the class.

Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a sauna at the end of the class in ASBA’s great mobile sauna tent (set up in the Work-shop carpark). The first hour will include a short lecture about the history and culture of sauna, followed by an explanation of ASBA’s exciting plans for a new Australian sauna culture. All participants will be invited to join ASBA as foundation members (no manipulative sales tactics will be employed, we’ll just give you the option). After discussion, participants will help set up the sauna tent and we’ll get the blood pumping. 

The class is pitched at beginners, but we welcome all levels of sauna experience. If you already know about sauna, you’ll still learn something new – we’d love to hear your stories too! 

Come and start a great new hobby where you are guaranteed to meet lots of interesting people. 

**      This is a safe and inclusive event. Lewd behaviour will be not tolerated. All participants must wear swimmers while in the sauna. A changing cubicle will be provided.  

About ASBA, the Australian Sweat Bathing Association:

This class is being run by representatives from ASBA, the Australian Sweat Bathing Association (est. 2016). We are a brand new organisation, and this is our very first public outreach event! We’re very excited. Our website is still in draft mode, but some details are already available: 

The workshops will be led by Jack Tsonis (President), Dave Drayton (Vice-President), Sofia Eriksson (Social Justice Officer), Lindsay Morrison (Treasurer), and other saunatarian friends.


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