A Type Thing (featuring Letter-Boy)

What to Bring

  • A love of letters!
  • Bring along any materials you'd like to experiment with / share with others

A Type Thing (featuring Letter-Boy)

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Exchange ideas, knowledge and share a love of letters with fellow type enthusiasts
  • Guest artist, Letter-Boy, will give a short presentation on his progression as a lettering artist, sharing tips, tricks and tools of the trade
  • Participate in a group challenge/ activity with a focus on hands-on experimentation and using a range of art materials provided

What You Get

  • Insights and ideas from some of Australia's (and the world's) most influential lettering artists.
  • Assorted materials
  • Beer/ Wine
  • Good times


'A Type Thing' is a new bi-monthly lettering meet-up presented by Melbourne based lettering collective, General Type Co, in collaboration with Work-Shop. 

The aim of these meet-ups is to bring type enthusiasts from all backgrounds together to exchange ideas, knowledge and share their love of letters. Each themed session will be hosted by a guest artist, who will give a short presentation on their progression as a lettering artist, sharing tips, tricks and tools of the trade, and presenting an activity/ challenge for guests to participate in. 

With an emphasis on 'learning by doing' and hands-on experimentation, a range of art materials will provided for each session. If you have any favourite materials that you're working with, we encourage you to bring those along to experiment with and share with others. 

Whether you're a practising lettering artist, graphic designer, or simply have a 'thing' for letters, we encourage you to come along for a fun night of lettering and learning with like-minded people. 


We're excited to have lettering artist and graphic designer, Letter-Boy hosting the first instalment of A Type Thing, presenting his take on the theme 'Blackletter’.

Originally from Sweden and now based in Tokyo, Letter-boy has produced work for well known global brands such as Ikea and Chloe, while keeping true to his skateboarding roots on collaborations with brands like Nike SB and Polar Skate Co. 

If you haven't already, go check out his Instagram feed @letter_boy for loads of mesmerising video clips which demonstrate his meticulous attention to detail. Whether it be with pen, marker or brush - Letter-Boy is a master of them all.


A Type Thing is a bi-monthly lettering meet-up run by Melbourne collective, General Type Co in collaboration with Work-Shop.

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Jun 2017
A Type Thing (featuring Letter-Boy) - 27 Jun 2017 6:30 PM

An Awesome class! Very casual and experimenty! I LOVED IT!