Natural Skincare 101

What to Bring

  • Notebook and pen to take home recipes, tips and tricks shared through the class.

Natural Skincare 101

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • The ins & outs of your own skin while formulating skincare to suit your very own skin's needs.
  • How to create your own natural beauty skin care routine: cleanser, facial scrub and mask
  • About the wonders that may lay hidden in your pantry, waiting to be discovered and turned into enticing skin treats.

What You Get

  • A glass of wine to enjoy
  • All ingredients, bottles and jars to make three products, customised to your specific skin type and needs: cleanser, facial scrub and mask


Escape on an afternoon botanical adventure with The Beauty Mistress, Lisa Soon. Simplicity. Minimalism. Pure. Natural. In simplicity we find calm. In basics, we find beauty.  Step into a world where beauty is only but natural. Where habit is turned into pleasure. Beauty is raw. Beauty is transformed. Beauty is handmade. In this fully hands-on three hour workshop, you will create your own facial routine, by you, for you. You will learn the ins & outs of your own skin as well as the wonders that may lay hidden in your pantry, waiting to be discovered and turned into enticing skin treats. You will formulate three natural skincare products to suit your very own skin's needs: cleanser, scrub and mask.

About Lisa:

I am Lisa Soon, The Beauty Mistress. Of plant, of fire, of earth & water, I create. Where destination & culture meet, the elements bind to become one. I turn habit into pleasure. Rituals of beauty are elavated. Reminding you to make time & take time for you. A sanctuary where you can truly honour you.

Creations from the heart that bond mind, body, soul & skin. Unapologetically naked beauty with nothing to hide. Handmade artisan all natural skincare. Pure, active, cruelty free with ingredients you can pronounce & recognize.

A career in the spa, wellness, beauty & make up industry now spanning over near 20 years. Starting as a make up artist, then training & working with a luxury spa in a world renowned hotel chain in Singapore. Spa therapist to senior spa therapist to spa manager to spa consultant & now skincare creator. Exposure to some of the best products, treatments, products & ingredients in the industry, it was a natural transition to one day create a line of my own. As a spa consultant, I create anything from spa menus to signature treatments to even signature products. A botanical mixologist so to speak. Urban apothecary with an exotic spice. So with the same burning passion, I go forth creating skin treats to pamper your skins. Skin seductions that pay homage to my home, Singapore, a rich mixed heritage, shared old wives tales where sensual Asian ingredients blend with raw Aussie elements blessed by unique names, each with a story to tell.


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Jul 2017
Natural Skincare 101 - 23 Jul 2017 1:30 PM

I was amazed at what you could use and what is used in spa treatments and home diy skin care. Lisa was a great teacher and so willing to share all her knowledge and tricks and secrets for home skin range.

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